Monday, February 07, 2005

A Definition of Ralling

"Rall" /Rall/ verb To brawl with or maul a right winger whose views you find offensive and lacking in common sense or where you sense financial reward was exchanged for spouting his/her nonsensical thinly veiled fascist propaganda... A left version of Fisking, a wingnut term used to deride a courageous journalist (probably marked for death) who goes to war zones and writes what he thinks is the truth. Two things that you will never see the Instapundit stringers for the Talon News Agency do.

How to use in a sentence:

Ted Rall ralls this right wing nutjob but good over at his online blog.


Juan Cole completely Ralls and destroys Jonah Goldberg. Cole even challenges Goldberg to a debate, A courageous man would have immediately accepted the challenge. We're still waiting for Jonah.

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Anonymous said...

You must be a Communist, Socialist, Statist, or all of the above.