Tuesday, September 15, 2015

#FettermanforSenate #BernieSanders #RealProgressives If you're interested, here is John Fetterman's campaign page, his facebook page and twitter account.

Just a bit on strategy: I hope John becomes the first senate candidate to embrace the overall Bernie Sanders platform and be the first spokesman for the Black Lives Matters movement. He should attack the cities with a $200000 canvass (He could hire me to do it because I've run a canvass and knocked on 50000 doors or thereabouts...I have a dream.) split between Philly and Pittsburgh where you do everything to raise his name recognition. Another 50 grand spent on phone canvassing and  internet marketing. I think that's all he would need to win the primary if he wins the big cities outright and lets the other candidates split everything else. Just some ideas.

Here is his official webpage where you can begin donating money. If I get some extra dough I'll be making some stops.

Here is his Facebook page:

Here is his twitter page:

His wife's twitter page: