Monday, February 21, 2005

At the Red Light District: Comics erotica, nude goirls and your obligatory nude pic of White House Reporter Jeff Gannon

I've updated the Red Light District. There are some comics nudes by the likes of Royo, Marato and Cho. There's are also some artsy photo pics. And there's a pic of Jeff Gannon. A pic I might use when introducing myself to the sleasier ladies over at the Craigslist personals....I think it might attract goirls, or gay republicans. Who knows.

Philip Shropshire

AROUND THE INTERNETS: New Nan Blogs, More on Ohio Vote Fraud (900 pages of evidence) and Nathan Newman's Labor Blog

I just discovered Red Pepper, sort of a British Alternet.
Interesting site about direct democracy, which I'm researching. Don't be put off by the use of the word confederation. They're from Norway. (However, I refuse to call my new Martian society the Confederacy. Sorry.)
There's more on Ohio vote fraud case here. The attorneys who are pursuing this have provided about 900 pages of evidence. Both scary and depressing.
I found two new nan sites run by scientists here and here.
McGovern (That's former darkside CIA operative McGovern) on how it's a war for oil, if you haven't guessed already.
Interesting Overview of Digital Activism, and there's a link to something related.
Another Interesting Boycott Company

Bill McKibbon, who I often don't agree with, addresses the obvious conundrum/problem of how environmentalists can be against Wind.
New Fangled Drug Tests (Scary part of story: New Federal law that could allow for testing of drugged drivers--no matter how unimpaired you may happen to be.)
New Nanotech Display Screen

How to beat Napster's DRM scheme. Done, seemingly, within seconds.
Russian MP3s Sell for 20 cents a song.
Nathan Newman's Labor Blog.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Had to Pay Some Bills

Sorry for the lack of posts during the last week. I guess Three Rivers Online won't be a real paper unless I can figure out how to keep it from shutting down for a week or two....

As you may or may not know, I do everything around here. I'm dirt poor, so I can't out and out hire anyone to help me. But I can ask for help and so I will. There is an overall plan (a paper run by direct democracy, figuring out a site constitution, getting other folks involved, seeing if my cheapo digital camera can work at all and etc...) but not a firm timeline. The goal is to be in a position to affect change by the 2006 elections.

Please bear with us. Once I finish paying the rent, there will be more time to write and post.

Philip Shropshire

Monday, February 07, 2005

A Definition of Ralling

"Rall" /Rall/ verb To brawl with or maul a right winger whose views you find offensive and lacking in common sense or where you sense financial reward was exchanged for spouting his/her nonsensical thinly veiled fascist propaganda... A left version of Fisking, a wingnut term used to deride a courageous journalist (probably marked for death) who goes to war zones and writes what he thinks is the truth. Two things that you will never see the Instapundit stringers for the Talon News Agency do.

How to use in a sentence:

Ted Rall ralls this right wing nutjob but good over at his online blog.


Juan Cole completely Ralls and destroys Jonah Goldberg. Cole even challenges Goldberg to a debate, A courageous man would have immediately accepted the challenge. We're still waiting for Jonah.

Ales Rarus is Out, Bizz Bang Buzz is in at Notable Pittsburgh Bloggers

Notable Pittsburgh Bloggers Update

Update: Ales Rarus is out. I just find his prattling about the nuances of his fantasy belief system to be really uninteresting. He also doesn't write about science, unless he's denouncing it. I find it offensive and baffling that this man works as a research scientist. Bill Joy did eventually resign from Sun...He'll still be found in link collections. But his site is just about as interesting as someone who writes about Hobbits everyday or the Great Pumpkin, which is to say not interesting at all. I mean there are other conservatives on the blogroll which I'm going to enjoy Ralling when I have the time (The Bell tolls for thee Rodger Morrow...)but they at least try to make a point. Jesus, no pun intended. I mean, contrast the Unspace (moderate/conservative Christian who sings the church choir) on the Dobson attack against Spongebob vs.crazy Funky Dung's defensive take that there is a homosexual conspiracy that needs to be fought and the criminals killed, by implication I guess. (Read this for more on this kind of pathology logically extended...)

To fill the void, I've added Bizz Bang Buzz, whose writer is actually attempting to do four blogs. I can state without hesitation that what he's trying to do isn't easy. It might also be time to admit that lawyers make really good bloggers. Just the way it is. He also seems to be more excited about science as a lawyer than Ales Rarus is as a scientist.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Around the Internets: Kurt Nimmo Sez Iran is Next and Different Takes on the Iraqi Elections

AROUND THE INTERNETS (Pittsburgh Progressive)

Kurt Nimmo says the Fix is in Concerning Iran

Some Crazy People Think Iraq Vote not As Kewl As it Looks. Juan Cole, the best for my money and remember he originally supported the invasion so he's not automatic for the leftist cause, has his well articulated doubts. Raed thinks the government used the monthly food rationing cards to bribe the vote. Christian Parenti thinks there could be a backlash if Shiite majority votes and then gets no say...Isn't that the norm? I saw what happened in Ohio. Robert Fisk, who's in Iraq risking his life unlike certain pinhead Instapundits I know and their local Pittsburgh clones, says that folks voted so they can tell the US to get the Hell Out. I agree with Ted Kennedy that that would be proof of self determination and independence if they asked that. By the way, if you're not aware of it, Democracy Now is easily one of the best if not the best news program in the United States. And when they accuse Democracy Now of being "left" media I can agree with them. Also check out Brit leader Jack Galloway, in case American politicians are wondering what an "opposition" is supposed to sound like:

GEORGE GALLOWAY: They're a farce. They're rigged. An election held under foreign military occupation is always, by definition, utterly flawed. But one which is held in the kind of conditions in which this one is being held is flawed beyond redemption. The facts are that it is simply impossible to hold an election when there is a full-scale war going on between the occupying armies and the resistance forces. The Sunni Muslim population, which if you add the Sunni Kurds and the Sunni Arabs together, is some 40% of the population, are deeply anxious about the way in which the occupying forces are deliberately trying to divide the country along confessional lines. The Sunni Arab population has boycotted the election almost in their entirety. The Iraqis living outside for whom security was not an issue, three quarters of them have voted with their feet and boycotted the election. Less than a quarter of the eligible voters have registered to vote and fewer still have cast their votes. So, this is a festival, a farce that's been held to validate the American-British invasion and occupation of Iraq. But it will not validate it, neither in the eyes of the world opinion, nor, more importantly, in the eyes of those Iraqis who are resisting the foreign occupation and the war will go on, I'm sorry to say.

When I was arguing for embryonic stem cell research over at Ales Rarus the topic came up about fascism and religion. The crazy religious people over at Ales (He wants to ban contraception. God told him too...) made the argument that fascism was a distinctly secular enterprise. I thought they were wrong. And it's not just the argument presented by Fromme in "Escape from Freedom", it's the fact that both religion and fascism both share a kind of love for the irrational. They're fundamentally anti-reason. You can invade Poland or France or Iraq and Iran and nothing bad will come of it. Likewise, your enemies will be thrown into an eternal pit of hellfire, something a loving god would do of course.

I came upon this quote over at a weekly Daily Kos piece called the "The Week in Fascism" that supports my take. Mussolini: He likes religion.

"The Fascist conception of life is a religious one, in which man is viewed in his immanent relation to a higher law, endowed with an objective will transcending the individual and raising him to conscious membership of a spiritual society. "Those who perceive nothing beyond opportunistic considerations in the religious policy of the Fascist regime fail to realize that Fascism is not only a system of government but also and above all a system of thought.
In the Fascist conception of history, man is man only by virtue of the spiritual process to which he contributes as a member of the family, the social group, the nation, and in function of history to which all nations bring their contribution. Hence the great value of tradition in records, in language, in customs, in the rules of social life."

Benito Mussolini
The Doctrine of Fascism, (1932).

On a related note, Robert Kennedy, who might run, calls this administration the "F" word....

(Pgh. Tech) Around the Internets: Folks Blast the MC anti-global warming book, More on scary evolutionary computing and man made chimeras are Kewl...


Other Wondrous Pics of Titan (click the title link in order to go ahhhh...)

There have been justifiably rough reviews of Michael Crichton's new anti-global warming book. You can read this from the New York Times or you can read this critique from the Brookings Institute (where Crichton spoke) and Chris Mooney regularly picks on him on because its good clean fun.

Interesting New Tech Column That I'll Be Permalinking (Check out his interview with the creator of an open source TIVO-like product.)

Artificial Lifeforms that Evolve

Article on Computerized Home Fabs (From Gravity Lens who complained about the cliches of "It's soooo science fictional...")

Animal Hybrids, Which I'm Perfectly Comfortable With. As I've written in the past, I have always fancied a Bjork/doe chimera, which would no doubt die because of unbearable cuteness...

Tatooed Love Gals Over at Red Light District

More tatooed love gals over at the Red Light District. I am assuming that you have broadband, otherwise it's a slow yet rewarding download.