Tuesday, July 29, 2014

#Tyrant Great. He must run Israel. No power sharing, ever. Kill all who oppose me.

#Tyrant If you do elections the American Way, then the guy with the most cash wins.

I don't think losing is all that bad either. You lose rich. You rewrite the constitution to protect wealth. Run again in several years...I don't think the Castro regime ever understood this. You can shape the courts, shape the constitution so that corruption doesn't take hold. ON the other hand, there are no good laws that can't be upended by corruption. Still, you have to try.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

#Tyrant Well the dictator has to apologize so we know we're not talking about Israel.

Israel can kill lots of people and its all good from the ambassador and our current secretary of state. 

#Tyrant Ain't no partyin like the son of a dictator partyin'...

#Tyrant Nice point from the blogger dad about his daughter trading one kind of subjugation for another.

It looks like both Saddam and Khadaffi treated women better than the armed religious sects that replaced them. Way better than our client state Saudi Arabia.

#Tyrant Trying to figure out whether this more like Egypt without resources or Iraq/Iran with oil reserves....

Feels more like Egypt. 

#tyrant Okay I would like a tall lady Amazon East German decathlon trainer, too....

#Tyrant Great the decent brother is at odds with Enthusiastic War Criminal General...

Not sure if I want the bad brother to do better by more perceptive public relations. The general had a point about Hiroshima or Nagasaki...why not mention the Iraq war? That was a big War Crime...

#Tyrant Self immolation.. Nice FX.

The Strain, about blood sucking vampires, seems like the nice show.

#Tyrant Yeah the daughter has it right. No elections then, hey, you're a monarchy. Or the guy with the most guns standing.

#Tyrant Looks like flashback 80s...And he doesn't know his family is evil?

Well it looks like your room mates knew.  This is a real life reference to Saddam gassing the Kurds, who are doing well in Post Saddam Iraq.

#Tyrant Who dies this week in order to protect your evil brother?

I have a feeling I'm going to lose count...

Monday, July 14, 2014

Lying sociopath Sarah Pavao Sidders of Contemporary Services Corporation is Watching Me On LinkedIn

This dopey arrogant pretentious cunt Sarah Pavao Sidders, who lied to my face and claimed that her mediocre company Contemporary Services Corporation never told me to come to a job (when in fact they had asked me twice) is watching me on LinkedIn.

Here's the proof. You should try it sometimes Sarah you incompetent dolt. You know, basing your facts on evidence and not "Well, its an all white country club here in Fox Chapel and he's just some nigger so..." or at least that was my honest impression of what happened.

Oh and I'm watching you Sarah Pavao Sidders of Contemporary Services Corporation. I'm watching you as well....

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

#TheBridge What is the "Run Lola Run" actress doing? What's her role?

And will it be bloody and turn our eye toward the Heart of Human Darkness, like most FX shows...?

#TheBridge Lyle Lovett sighting.

#TheBridge Yet another bloody depressing slice of FX Hell awaits me for the next hour.

I must heat up the popcorn. There is something on Hallmark...but I will fool no one...

I'll be writing more about lying sociopath Adventous/CSC vice president Sarah Pavao Sidders.

Here's something about  that liar Sarah Pavao Sidders, who pretty much lied to my face June 26th at the Fox Chapel Golf Club, over at the Tumblr blog.

I did ask for apology from her on LinkedIn but I may have been intemperate. Or still pissed off. Who knows.

Sarah Pavao Sidders
InMail · Job inquiryI'm Owed An ApologyJuly 8, 2014 3:05 PMJust for the record, I was paid for those 30 hours! I was emailed a confirmation to show up at the golf course. IN the future, stop being a fucking idiot and listen to the people that you've actually hired for the job!

I do want to apologize for one thing: in my haste and possibly anger I wrote "gulf" instead of "golf". I corrected the spelling here. There are no apologies for anything else.

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

#tyrant Not sure if I want the leadership of this country to do better by way of superior public relations.

What's this country called again? The husband didn't deserve to be hanged either. That was self defense as far as I'm concerned.

#tyrant He doesn't know that his brother is a tyrant? He's shocked? There's probably all kinds of youtube videos showing him beheading people.

#tyrant Your brother is clearly based on Saddam's sons. He's the Joffrey Lannister of this show.

Also not sure how much western sensibilities work in this world. Give him a trial? Like Chelsea Manning?

#tyrant See that's a sucky revolution for women if you're forced to wear the hijab...

But who else is crazy enough to fight the tyrants?

#tyrant Well its really all Game of Thrones except with machine guns and drones.

That's the really horrible secret of that other Thrones show. It's just as violent now.

#tyrant I hope something bloody and compromising happens tonight.

Got my fingers crossed.