Saturday, February 16, 2019

#TheBlacklist Had no idea General Shiro was real. Also hope that insects can't blossom and grow inside your body.

As horrible as that imagery was, something the Joker could take notes on and emulate its just so bad, what the main villain was fighting against was actually much much worse. Large scale pesticide adoption kind of like what the Trump administration is pushing for. More information about General Shiro. He was the Japanese version of Mengele. Maybe worse. Known as "The Devil's Doctors". Not sure if he ever did that insect thing or if it's even possible. Shock ending: The US recruited the general into our own bioweapons program. He lived out his final years in the USA. He could have been your neighbor in some quiet suburb. Great episode.

By the way, the case against Elisabeth Wheeler, attorney Donna Glover and Pivot Physical Therapy continues.