Friday, May 30, 2014

Interesting quote about courage from the late Maya Angelou

And here's a smaller version:

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Thursday, May 22, 2014

#TheAmericans Wig and threat alert: Let's call this one the Lenin Hat look.

Really is dead on. 

#TheAmericans Way to go Stan. So your life sucks. Don't betray your country.

Oh and we'll get you yet Russian James Bond. When will we see the real traitor Hanson who worked for the FBI for years? Let Stan nab that guy. As for romance, well I hear that Martha Hanson, with some mileage granted, wants kids. Hopes springs eternal...

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

#TheAmericans The son slaughtered his parents. I called this a week ago.

Really. I did.   Look when you think about it he was the only suspect left. Who wouldn't believe psychopathic mass murderer Proxy Oliver North? Why would he lie? They would have had to introduce an entirely different character. The clue was that Kate wasn't wearing a wig which means that she was recruiting and seducing the son. Kate could have done it as well I guess but that would have required a complete freak out.

#TheAmericans Wow. I miss Stan's smiling wife too.

#TheAmericans. "...the real heroes. Sacrificing themselves for this world and not some make believe Christian heaven."

I agree with Mrs. Jennings. Does the actress agree with the character or is it just a role?

#TheAmericans Was wondering how Stan could get that disk out...

He took photos.

#TheAmericans Twilight Zone? Really? Would have gone with 80s or Bruce Cockburn myself.

#TheAmericans Waiting for Proxy Oliver North to get a bullet to the head.

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

#TheAmericans Don't see how Kate makes it out of this episode alive.

#TheAmericans Kate didn't wear a wig? Crazy. Uh oh. I sense Ollie North in your apartment.

Cue the somber violins...

#TheAmericans Wipe that smug look off your face Russian James Bond. Beeman's gonna kill you dead.

How dare you cheat with Beeman's mistress. Aren't there any rules any more?

#TheAmericans Wig Alert for Philip: Sleazy 60s acid rock jesus freak.

Targeting the "crazy" guy. I swear that actor has been in every show I've ever watched.

#TheAmericans They're talking about the Pentagon's black budget. Still exists.

I keep on hoping they're building star ships and not Star Wars.

#TheAmericans Wig alert: Let's call this one sexually conservative bureaucrat.

#TheAmericans Looks like proxy Oliver North gets a bullet in the head this episode or next.

And that would be...bad? Right. Assuming that the real Ollie North doesn't read twitter. Just kidding ha ha if he is....

Sunday, May 04, 2014

#TheGoodWife Can't tell if she's watching "Low Winter Sun" or "True Detective"

#TheGoodWife Kalinda won't catch me because I'm dead. Hoping to have sex with her like everyone else, oh well...

Thinking Omnisexual Kalinda has probably gone there before.

#TheGoodWife "Prepare to be Amazed" #philsbandnames Kalinda will never catch me...

#TheGoodWife Wow. Civil Forfeiture and 2000x capacity Lithium batteries.

Not all science fiction.

#TheGoodWife Wow. The Silk Road. And this all true. Ripped from the news.

Not clear how reliable hiring hitmen on the Silk Road are though...

#60minutes Thank you 60 minutes for defending BP. Or what they mean by the corporate media.

As if there aren't enough lackeys on the courts for them to win. You know, you could have interviewed people who wanted to give BP the corporate death penalty but too many BP ads for that to have entered your "journalistic" interpretation.