Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Somewhat awkwardly animated Orwell speech that describes the Tea Party

I look at just the fascist weirdness of the Tea Party and find that I'm at a loss for words. George Orwell finds those words here. Disturbing.

Don't let it happen. Update: When I think of that O Donnell woman I think of the woman in this pic wearing the anti sex league button.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Justice for Jordan Miles Rally & March today at 2 PM at the corner of Tioga and Rosedale

I got this reminder from BPEP the other day. I'm just passing it along:

Saturday, September 18, 2010 @ 2 pm - Justice for Jordan Miles Rally & March
(The Corner of Tioga & Rosedale) Join the Alliance for Police Accountability to demand: Prosecution of Richard Ewing, David Sisak and Michael Saldutte! End police brutality and racial profiling! Community control of the police force! Click here for more details. For more information: or 412-628-5849

I did click for more details and I found this:

Justice for Jordan Miles
Issued by the Alliance for Police Accountability
For more information: or 412-628-5849
Rally & March
Sat, Sept. 18 2 pm
On January 12th, Jordan Miles was walking to his grandmother’s house when he was attacked by three plain-clothes police officers. The attack was brutal, and the three officers, Richard Ewing, David Sisak and Michael Saldutte, went so far as to rip the dreadlocks off of his head.
When the assault took place, Jordan was an honor student at CAPA high school. The attack was completely unprovoked, and it has become increasingly obvious that this beating was yet another incident of racial profiling by the police department.
The city government has done everything it can to make sure the guilty officers suffer no consequences for their actions. The only way that Ewing, Sisak and Saldutte will be held accountable is if we stand up and fight back by organizing a movement for justice. On Saturday, September 18th, march with us to show the Mayor, the Police Department, and every other politician and official that people across communities will not accept police brutality!
Join us to demand:
• Prosecution of Richard Ewing, David Sisak and Michael Saldutte!
• End police brutality and racial profiling!
• Community control of the police force!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lying Blackmailing Wilkinsburg Code Enforcer Jim Frank trails me for a block in a white city vehicle and calls me a "lazy fat bastard".

Lying Blackmailing Wilkinsburg Code Enforcer Jim Frank trails me for a block in a white city vehicle and calls me a "lazy fat bastard". His superiors have been notified.

So whatever happened to lying blackmailing Wilkinsburg code enforcer Jim Frank? The bad tempered grumpy old man (attempted representation of Mr. Frank at left) who stars in this story (Jim Frank: Wilkinsburg Code Enforcement or sleazy 70s Mafia-style goon demanding payment "or else".) and this one (Where Wilkinsburg Code Enforcer Jim Frank lies about blackmail attempt and runs away from me like a little girl.) and this one (Where I answer friendly comments by Patio and Vinny about lying blackmailing Wilkinsburg code enforcer Jim Frank...).

Well, for a long time, nothing had happened since the last story had been printed on August 3rd. I figured out that they had figured out that they didn't have much of case of forcing a tenant to pay for the landlord's property upkeep. I might also note that they probably also figured out that they could still use that law to intimidate more gullible people who can't research case law. If that ordinance were to ever be used against me, then I would kill it. Fair enough.

That changed last Wednesday morning Sept. 8, between 11:30 and 11:45 AM, when Mr. Frank approached me while driving a white City of Wilkinsburg vehicle and started shouting at me from his driver's window. I think I gave him an acknowledgment of sorts and walked away from him. Afterall, I tend to think that he's a jerk and not the brightest opponent I've encountered. So, and this is where it gets interesting. This nutjob follows me down the left side of the street for an entire block, occasionally yelling inanities and odd requests. (Would you give this guy a copy of your lease without a court order?) There was also this odd complaint about his bosses asking him questions about this particular case. Well, I would hope so. I reminded him, as I was striding away from this fruit loop, that I didn't go to his house and threaten him on his porch. Then the street ends at Wood so he can't stalk me anymore on a two way street so he jumps out of his car and calls me: "a lazy fat bastard." I then responded "Hey, can I quote you on that you fuckin' moron?"

His response sounded to me like he didn't care which is just fine because I was going to quote him anyway. Its okay I checked with my imaginary rich white male editor. He has my back unlike other editors I've had.

Now yesterday afternoon I spoke to Wilkinsburg Fire Chief Owen McAfee, who is supposed to be Frank's "boss" (Does he have one? I mean, really.) and I asked him is that the sort of behavior that he encourages in his code enforcers? And if it is can I please work for him because that sounds like a very cool job.

To McAfee's credit he said "No." Now, I have to complete the complaint form for the Wilkinsburg Borough Manager Marla Marcinko, which should be turned in Wednesday. But will Jim Frank receive any punishment at all for this? By the way, I put this into the very big box I call "Things white folks get away with at work that I could never get away with." Stay tuned...

Related: One odd thing about this: as soon as Jim finished describing me, inaccurately as I have noted in the past that I'm Forest Whitaker Ghost Dog fit, another white guy drove up right beside him. I have to admit that he looked more intimidating than Frank, who looks to be near death and as you can imagine I certainly wish him well. This other guy was the kind of guy you would cast in a Sons of Anarchy episode. He was a bald guy, tattoos on both of his forearms, drove a brown pickup of some kind. Let me guess: Frank provokes me, for after all we are all violent negroes who can't control our tempers, and this guy just happens to come along and what, shoots me..? Frank claims to the police. "Tragic officers jus' tragic. This big negro starts to strangling me fer no good reason as I was just minding my business trailing him down the street in my car and yellin' obscenities at him out the winda'...good thing my friend came along and shot him six times. Yep what luck.. Self defense all the way officers. Self Defense."

Ha ha ha. Nah. My speculation sounds far fetched. I would say that other guy arriving then and there was 99 percent coincidence. However, its that other one percent that nags at me...well, ready when you are. Hurm. More Related: If ever attacked, then I would vigorously defend myself.

Atheist toon break and buy the new Jesus and Mo book

ITEM: Atheist toon break.

Buy the new Jesus and Mo' book. And the always brilliant Mr. Fish.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Church of Elena Dementieva's Thighs Upended by Heretical Aussie Ripped Torso Cult

The Church of Elena Dementieva's Thighs--the one true religion I might self righteously add--has been upended by Samantha Stosur, or the woman who heads Cult of the Aussie Lady with Ripped Upper Torso. It is a heretical cult of witches I would think.

And lo, it has been privately revealed to me: Elena's serve must become even stronger and she needs to develop her serve and volley technique. However, I think Elena's window closes in several years. I can't figure out why she doesn't excel on clay. Amen.

Genesis of the completely legitimate The Church of Elena Dementiava's Thighs.

Local trippy hippy Pittsburgh band I like called The Van Allen Belt

ITEM: Local hippy trippy band that I like called the Van Allen Belt. I'm thinking about seeing them live. I could be their African American fan.

You can watch the fine marijuana prohibition doc "High" free on Hulu

ITEM: I'm currently watching High, a documentary about the American war on Marijuana. I hear its number one on Hulu. Prohibition didn't work by the way. Just for the record: I don't use drugs myself. I just don't think you should get locked up for grass anymore than I think that cigarette users or drinkers should be locked up for their vices. Call me a radical. Besides, I don't need drugs. I've got the Acid Jazz channel. Related: More marijuana docs here. I highly recommend "The Union" if you can get it to load. More Related: Support Firedoglake's "Just Say Now" campaign. It might be the only good news that Progressives get this November. Too bad Barbara Boxer, a "democrat", is pro prohibition. I can sort of see that politically but sometimes you just need to do the right thing. Not that the democratic party has done that of late.

How not to get the progressive Democratic Party base hot bothered and excited parts one, two and three

How not to get the base hot bothered and excited Part One.

Here's parts two and three. You could do part 25 if you wanted to...It's not just one issue. I feel betrayed by this administration on a multitude of issues as a progressive...Related: I like Obama's attack on Boehner and the horrors of a "Let's apologize to BP" GOP house but Jon Walker's so what point is on the mark...

Rave reviews for new graphic works by Darwyn Cooke, Scott Morse and James Stokoe

ITEM: I highly recommend this special format edition comic, which features 60s criminal Parker. He's not a nice man. He once shot a double crossing fat dame in the back as she was running away. I might be giving away the ending but its not the story its the art. Just gorgeous to look at. Love this special format. Only 2 bucks. Highly recommended. Background from IDW publishing here. Related: I also enjoyed the first two issues of Strange Science Fantasy by phenom Scott Morse. I was more blown away, again, by the art rather than the story. The visuals are a perfect mind-meld of Eisner technique and Kirby vision. Not well written, however. Felt poetic though. Could you do an adaptation of Ribofunk or any Greg Egan short story?

ITEM: I have been blown away by the art of James Stokoe in Orc Stain. Feels like Paul Pope in that the art is mind-blowing but the writing isn't that good, or relatable. Please do something with Moore or Ellis. Characters feel more like impressionistic drug induced sketches than actual people. On the other hand, I try to buy everything that Pope does as well. Nice to see that Heavy Metal still has an influence on the Young People. This guy is drenched in the blood lines of Drulliet. Related: Here's a bit of Drulliet.

Here's my one labor day thought...

ITEM: My one thought for labor day: why doesn't labor have its own party? I mean, really.

New Artist I Like Called Pixelnase

ITEM: New artist I like called Pixelnase.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

A few words about Philip Shropshire's Acid Jazz Channel.

Just a few thoughts about the online video channel I've created: The Acid Jazz Channel.

It beats out MTV and every excuse for a cable music channel that I've had the displeasure to attempt to watch. You can watch the Acid Jazz Channel for hours and always find something interesting and new and most importantly: challenging. When it works its like watching a lucid dream with a persistent sinewy groove. But its not all groove. Man can not live on groove alone.

Watch it for yourself. Then you'll know. You'll know.

Monday, September 06, 2010

Thursday, September 02, 2010

The Church of Elena Dementieva's Thighs and Competing Heretical Cults

Here's a special US Open feature. As people may know I thought there should be a church that worshipped Elena Dementieva's thighs.

I started this church and called it: The Church of Elena Dementieva's thighs. I believe that it's a non profit. Just for the record, I think Elena is the greatest female player to not have have won a grand slam and I really think if she's going to win this would be a good time since Serena is out with an injury. Amen.

I must point out that I'm no heretic. I'm not at all tempted by other churches that may or may not involve the thighs of other professional lady tennis players. Such as this person:

I don't think her shoulder will allow her to win slams.

And certainly not this person. Twould be a mortal sin.

And I don't even like Danielle Hantuchova. She has round of 16 talent and that's it....

Stop looking at me temptress of Satan...!