Sunday, September 29, 2013

#breakingbad Well that was better than the finale of #dexter.

And Jesse survived! With no money. I don't know. We actually didn't see Walter White die I think...they could always say he survived.

#breakingbad Hoped for prediction: Would like Walt to kill the neo nazis.

Even though they weren't all bad. They could have killed Walt and not even left him a barrel. But, hey, they're neo nazis. You always want to kill them. Just below of above confederate army members on the Who Deserves to Die list.

#philsbandnames Those Anodyne Gals

Learned a big word today.

Decent song by the Arcade Fire #SNL #saturdaynightlive

One of those bands that are a decent and good band but that I never cared about. But this song I liked. Still mad about that healthcare sketch...felt like it was written by republicans.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Horrible start to SNL...#saturdaynitelive #snl

I know its just jokes. But having your kids insured isn't all that entertaining. Hey SNL you can work and not get healthcare. And not get it. 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

#ultimatefighter #danawhite Please hire Nerdy Girl as an analyst Dana White.

#ultimatefighter Nerdy girl needs better cardio.

That's what happened to the other grappling girl. Ran out of gas...or was it punches to the face...probably both.

#ultimatefighter Did that stoppage save Nerdy Girl?

Doesn't look good for nerdy girl....

#ultimatefighter #ufc #rondarousey Nerdy girl takes round one with superior grappling.

Will she tire out for round two? Nerdy girl looks more intimidating without glasses...

#ultimatefighter Wow. Nerdy girl gets s takedown...fights off a triangle...

#ultimatefighter I'm rooting for the nerdy girl. But she just doesn't look tough.

...but I root for her as a fellow English major.

#southpark #alecbaldwin Why do they pick on Baldwin? Is Hader doing the impression?

On the other hand I have had a pussy sandwich, which is true oddly enough. No my mother doesn't read or understand twitter feeds...

#southpark On the other hand, the NSA hiring Cartman very realistic.

Uses same firm that cleared that serial killer at the naval yard.

#southpark Cartman isn't a good spokesperson for the data privacy movement.

I would think. Or for blogger or obsessive Internet users generally.

#southpark Had his fist where? Let's not overuse the s word.

That'll work.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

#agentsofshield Did Agent Coulson really die? #josswhedon

What did she mean by "he must never know"? Perhaps he really died. Clone? Some kind of uploading?

#agentsofshield Will this be any good at all...? #josswhedon

What I really want are cameos. I want attorney Matt Murdoch to handle a case. I want Dr. Stephen Strange to help a sick person. I should see all kinds of Peter Parker cameos shooting pictures...every frame should have an Easter Egg.

#philsbandnames "Bag of Blindfolded Hungry Weasels on Angel Dust"

Oh this band name is a winner. Ripped from the headlines. Or "Republicans are like..."

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Podcast of my book review of Thomas Friedman's "The World is Flat"

Here is the podcast of my review of Thomas Friedman's "The World is Flat". I know he's a hated guy in certain circles (Atrios cough cough Atrios) but I actually thought the book wasn't bad.

Flatworld by Steelydan

Sunday, September 08, 2013

What's #titstare..?

I can't keep up with trending twitter memes.

#philsbandnames Meet My Black Lesbian Wife Said the White Fella #billdeblasio

I must come up with the perfect band name to describe the New York mayor's race.

#philsbandnames Zeus Kills Atheists

That's it. I'm turning off the Steelers for today. That O for 4 preseason not a lie.

Can't win every year but still...

Twitter test...

Just a test...

Geez. A running touchdown against the Steelers? #steelers

And apparently we miss Casey Hampton. He might still be available. Might want to contact Jonathon Dwyer as well...

Rebuilding year for the Steelers? #steelers #football #steelnation #pittsburghsteelers

I think so.  Or as the Ravens found out Thursday you just can't replace players like Ed Reed and that dancing linebacker they had. I don't think the Steelers can replace Hines Ward, James Harrison and Mike Wallace. Still: Go Stillers.