Monday, April 29, 2013

A Dikjitsu Move #philsbandnames #jonstewart #dailyshow

More priceless gold from the Daily Show. And a great band name.

Congratsubating #philsbandnames #jonstewart #dailyshow

Daily Show classic.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Obviously the Russians or Chinese or that evil Nestle guy who wants to privatize water should hire British actors. #theamericans

Well that's something. They now have the capability to feed each other false information. #theamericans

Ohmigod. She didn't bellieve him about Vlad. Is she immediately killed? #theamericans

And oh yeah that band was, like, totally suburban white boy blues lame o. When will MTV make an appearance...? #theamericans

"Till death do us part" An unfortunate choice of words by Martha...leaks have to be killed. They didn't even trust cool black guy. #theamericans

Ohmigod. Black lady bug planter maid confesses. What does this mean? #theamericans

Oh yeh. LIke the nekkid Russian lady. Not quite HBO level soft core porn but dirty... #theamericans

Hey inept Boston bombers that's how you do it. Glasses, contacts and a wig.#theamericans

And building long terms relationships with slightly unattractive American secretaries. Named Hansen! Traitor!

Poor Vlad. #theamericans

Granny Goodness plays Ms. Pacman. I too was an addict back in college...#theamericans

Elizabeth is wearing her Boris and Natasha Bullwinkle black hair tonight. #theamericans

I'm hoping something violent and disturbing will happen tonight, with 80s stuff thrown in. #theAmericans

Die Max Baucus Die #philsbandnames #bandnames #senate #dino #draftbrainschweitzerforsenate

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Oh don't listen to her Sansa. Run. Take the ship. #gameofthrones

Ok I didn' t see that thing with Theon coming...#gameofthrones

Uh oh. Lady Margaery Tyrell has figured out public relations! Feeding the poor makes you loved. Who knew...? #gameofthrones

Again, she'll be beheaded before the end of the season...

Sigh. I love Margaery Tyrell. #gameofthrones

I guess she'll be dead before the season is out...

What's catsup? Oh...Products lose these ad wars don't they? #madmen

Who does design and music for Mad Men? #madmen

Love that club with the giant lamps. 

Some couple on couple action? I mean they seem nice...does Megan's career fail now. #madmen

My one theory about Mad Men #madmen

I think the Doctor is screwing Don Draper's wife. When he left the dining room last week this would also allow him to see Don's wife. 

Black people sighted on Mad Men. #madmen

I'm waiting for Game of Thrones and updating my websites. Someone has to...

Overall very realistic show about unionizing. #thegoodwife

Nobody rich likes them. And even liberal law firms that represent drug dealers will work to quash them. 

Didn't that guy die in Walking Dead? #thegoodwife

He looks like that Three Company's guy son...Ritter? His son or relative? These new half seasons means certain actors can appear in multiple shows.

Uh oh. Will they take it to the NLRB which doesn't have a majority of judges? #thegoodwife

So far working with the government officials not helpful. That's realistic. My one appearance in front of the NLRB not good under the Reagan era not good. Another reason I can't support Republicans...

The Good Wife takes on bad worker contracts. #thegoodwife.

I'm hooked. Also think Peter wants to renew vows in order to get this wife to do the negative campaigning. #thegoodwife.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Hmmm. CIA agent survives? Didn't they have to kill him? #theamericans

Of course now with all those cameras...They would be instantly nabbed.

Good psyche out CIA guy. #theamericans

She would have just have shot me.

Nice pick up line Elizabeth. #theamericans

I have the Elizabeth body count to be at least three. #theamericans

Let's see. She killed the guard. She killed the scientist who she thought was going to talk. She sort of had a co kill on sinister sounding East German hitman. And we have no idea how busy she was during before the 80s. You would think she would want a rest...

Marriage is hard. Thank god I'm a single loser. #theamericans

My cat Miss Selina Kyle is the only company I need. 

Oh that's rich. British actor pretending to be American does British accent. #theamericans

I think he was doing the grey poupon commercial or something else high end.

Looks like Elizabeth lost her mentor. #theamericans

Did any of this really happen? Do we have operatives that could accomplish that in Russia or the old Soviet Union?

"The Machine" exists and we're all living in the "Persons of Interest" world. #Boston #Bostonbombings

I would be shocked if there weren't arrests within a week.  There's just too much video surveillance .

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Just a beautiful kill cops to I guess...#TheAmericans Chris Dorner didn't get this cool soundtrack.

Well as long at it gets Philip and Elizabeth back together again...that's the important thing. #TheAmericans

Both minority character actors killed by "The Man".

Let cool black guy go get killed by cops...wait. That's too loyal. I can't work for the Russians, that and they're a corrupt crime state. #TheAmericans

So who gets to kill cool black guy? Elizabeth or Philip or both....#TheAmericans Suicide?

Actually I'm pretty sure Elizabeth can kill cool black guy. Very possible. Run away cool black guy...take your jazz records. #TheAmericans

Philip would love killing the cool black guy who slept with his wife. I hate you Philip. #TheAmericans

You're so evil Granny Goodness! Run cool black run! #TheAmericans

Run away cool black guy! Granny Goodness will kill you...! Run...#TheAmericans

Cool black guy might be toast. Why can't we save him? I have a dream where Elizabeth has slept with me? Don't end my dream! #TheAmericans

Philip not helpful at keeping cool black guy who has slept with his wife alive #TheAmericans

I find the FBI stuff just as exciting even though this is a show where they don't catch the bad guys...#TheAmericans

I want to be the cool black guy comforting Elizabeth...#TheAmericans More diversity with the Russians...

You know this divorce thing might stick between the Russians #TheAmericans Hostile.

Actually we are monsters. I killed your friend vlad. I'm ruthless. #TheAmericans

FBI agent talks about his dead partner with spy who killed his partner #TheAmericans

Drunk FBI comes does he drive? #TheAmericans

Funeral held for only dark skinned FBI agent...#TheAmericans

It might as well be Dragnet in terms of diversity...then this was the Reagan years...

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Very good poster that explains why you need a vibrant space program. #space

The Republican Menu. Definitely feels Micah Wright inspired if not created by him. It might have been...#evilgop #ows

Toon that correctly explains Christian Persecution...#atheism #richarddawkins #humanism

What's wrong with the drug war in a single picture...From a Facebook page called BeyondBars #drugwar #legalize

Not My Dream. I also don't know who did this but it's good...

Who drew this because it's beautiful...?

I thought I figured it out over at Three Rivers Online but I hadn't. Does anyone know?

I know why Christopher Dorner picked up a gun #justice #civilrights

 As a black man who was watching the sometimes horrific, sometimes oddly funny (Really you're going to miss "Hangover 3" the most?...Charlie Sheen is your muse?) horror show that were the Christopher Dorner shootings I knew something that other people didn't know: I knew why a black man would pick up a gun as opposed to trying to pursue justice in the courts. I also knew some things about how a lot of disciplinary panels and bodies are rigged games. Not only won't you get justice but a lot of times they're working for your opponent.

For example, it turns out that Christopher Dorner probably could have won a half million dollar settlement in the real courts. The in house "judicial" process that caused him to go on a shooting spree was clearly a joke that nobody let him in on. I really think he would have won any case in front of a jury as a decorated war veteran and fairly decent public citizen. 

I'm involved now in a dispute with serial liar Peter Gidas of Gidas Flowers. The reason I call Peter Gidas a serial liar is that he didn't just lie about what was said or not said -- hard to prove or disprove quite frankly -- but he lied about something that I had written down by way of timed and verified emails whose authenticity hasn't been questioned. (Read the full thing here.) He did that about, rough estimate, at least six times to my count possibly eight if you account for the fact that Peter Gidas might understand subtlety.

I still lost round one. But here's something I know: The PHRC is not the place to go if you want someone to fight for you or if you want justice. In fact, my strategy with the several complaints I've filed  since the early 90s was to file appropriately at the EEOC and PHRC and then go for a right to sue letter because most times a decision won't be rendered by then and most times you're going to lose, especially if your investigator is a republican but more importantly the head of the agency is Republican. That's the current case and controversy behind this state's PHRC.  But it still has some utility as just general fact finding. I've discovered that Peter Gidas has a weak case that won't hold up under the stricter standards of evidence required by either the state or federal courts.  We'll see if my risk pays off within 2 to 4 years. I am not Chris Dorner. I am a patient man who can wait a thousand years for justice.

Here' the summary I wrote characterizing the problems I had with the PHRC's March 26th statement. You can read the full statement and rebuttal. Or: Allow me to Retort.

Summary: So to sum up we think we think we've presented a very compelling case to the reviewer. And if the PHRC no longer advocates on behalf of the victims of racial discrimination then we would ask that the EEOC perform a Substantial Weight Review of the PHRC's final finding.

Just to document the atrocities as it were: We believe that PHRC investigator Catherine Leete did not act impartially because she seemed to cover up the fact that Peter Gidas is in violation of state law regarding false statements and also seemed to ignore this violation by taking his side on almost every subjective issue where the credibility (or in this case incredulity) of the witness should have been taken into account. We not only believe but know that Catherine Leete hid evidence against me and used these statements to form her final determination. We believe that PHRC investigator Catherine Leete committed clear errors of fact or exaggerated the claims of Peter Gidas in order to bolster what is fundamentally a very weak case. Peter Gidas is in for a rude awakening once he's introduced to either the state or federal Rules of Evidence. We also believe that PHRC investigator entered "conclusionary" statements as evidence without any written objective documentation whatsoever. With argument B we argue that subjective evidence -- evidence that is claimed without proof or written documentation -- can't overcome the retaliation claim in the same way that it can't overcome a motion for summary judgment. A retaliatory termination that happened mere hours after a final email declaring that I would be filing a complaint with both the EEOC and the PHRC. With argument C we make the argument that pitting your one lone black employee with hand maps against white co workers with GPS apps violates just about every standard of "fair testing" put forth by both the EEOC and PHRC. We also believe that PHRC investigator Catherine Leete ignored all proofs of pretext including the one where serial liar Peter Gidas pretty much lied to her face about me not telling him about my concerns or my right to sue. We also believe that alleged impartial PHRC investigator Catherine Leete cherry picked the evidence to help respondents and then misinterpreted this evidence where she demonstrates that she doesn't even know the difference between subjective and objective evidence. So, you know, the "little things".

We respectfully ask that this case be assigned further review by the PHRC or that the EEOC begin its Substantial Weight Review.

Thursday, April 04, 2013

Time to Play Taliban or Republican #Republicans #GOP

This was from Facebook sometime back.Still true. Let us all pray that the Christian right agrees with the Islamic Right about most things.

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

That's what you call seriously extrajudicial..#TheAmericans

Okay. Don't let Beeman buy your fast food...mad about the partner. #TheAmericans

Well so much for that trade. #TheAmericans

Sigh. Who's the next partner? Robert Hanssen?

Beeman: please stop scaring that Russian guy...and me. I-I'm just an innocent bird...#TheAmericans

Amador could survive with a trade...#TheAmericans

And did we kick the Soviet Union's marbled ass or did they just get tired of being tyrants over Eastern Euroope?

Bloody amadow on the scene. Beeman goes extrajudicial in reaction. #TheAmericans

On the other hand I never liked the new head. 

Okay. Might be losing our minority FBI character here. #TheAmericans.

He didn't recognize him from the party? Agent Amador is toast....

Wow. Murdering a Russian embassy member. #TheAmericans

Stan Beeman walks away from extrajudicial murder.

Trial separation on the Americans? Well it is realistic I guess...#TheAmericans

Well that was emotionally moving. Now people have to die..

Monday, April 01, 2013

I don't understand people that hate the liberal MSNBC lineup...#allinwithchrishayes #chrishayes

I'm watching MSNBC now and "All In With Chris Hayes". First off it looks like we're getting the first half hour devoted to open and harsh criticism of both fracking and the Keystone pipeline or news you never see on corporate media. I understand that people don't like the liberal lineup on MSNBC because they're to the right of Mao or something but those people are idiots. I remember, a long time ago (or before Olbermann several years ago) and for probably most of my life -- especially after the Fairness Doctrine had been revoked -- where it was center right CNN vs. Crazy Right Fox News.That doesn't create a nutritious newsy outcome.

It's nice to actually hear a progressive idea or two on the television. I also didn't think that Ed Schultz was bad but I know that he wanted to spend more time with his wife and Chris seems to be  better educated in All Things Left. I'm jealous of what he's doing because its very rare that you get to report real news and make real money. But more power to him.

Update: Now he's going after the unpaid slave labor that is college sports. You haters are idiots...

No tears here if North Korea gets blown off the map...

Usually I offer a bleeding heart excuse against the use of scary massive American force. But the North Korean leader is in Crazytown. It's like Bad King Joffrey has a country. What's worse is that they're threatening a sane productive country like South Korea. It's like an evil twin has taken the sane twin and threatened him or her with a gun. And both may die in the aftermath. Hey, I'll even admit this: If you're involved in anti North Korean activities, as opposed to shooting other poor people of color abroad, good luck Christopher Shropshire.