Thursday, July 30, 2015

#MrRobot New theory on Tyrell: He works for or runs The Dark Army. He's the only character that had the pull to stop the China job...

Plus he speaks German, I think. Usually that means evil but the Germans have gotten better. Bad on Greece but great for giving you a free education. That accent just sounds bad...

#MisterRobot Weird when after the fake FSociety ad you see an ad for Microsoft

Microsoft just laughs at your puny E corporation....

Saturday, July 25, 2015

This is how I'm feeling about suing a former employer

Let's just say that the rage is growing inside me...I suppose I could have sued every company I've ever worked for.  I usually don't. In fact, I kind of have to hate the people I'm suing. This one company is making it easy. Of course, I'm already in the federal courts for one lawsuit. But the lawsuit is valid and because I've been studying labor law for the last 30 years, accidentally as it turns out but somewhat effectively, I know when companies screw up in real time. If you're lucky, we'll be done in three years. Everyone who's connected to the case will probably be fired. This causes no strain on me or cost. I know how to prove and win these kinds of cases. But I'm just a dumb darkie so what do I know...

Just when I try to get out...

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

@whoismrrobot Oh you're asking me for help? One: Portable EMP pulse. Wouldn't kill anybody and you could time pipeline explosion to not kill anyone...#MrRobot

@whoismrrobot All of those hacks, infrastructure hacks and Sony Hacks are very doable, and there's a lot of questionable train derailments lately #MrRobot

@whoismrrobot Now that I've watched the show awhile I'm pretty sure that Tyrell is definitely a Bladerunner reference. #MrRobot

@whoismrrobot Nice. Well I completely agree with Christian Slater but I don't think they'll fold. Also cool Julian Assange ref. #MrRobot

@whoismrrobot Why does he hack at home anyway? Why wouldn't he use cheap throwaway Linux laptops? Ripping off free wi fi in NYC. #MrRobot

@whoismrrobot Okay I thought the Evil Corp guy was working with the Mr. Robot Hackers. Hmmmm...#MrRobot