Monday, June 28, 2010

Joe Barton's apology to BP spawns more DNC counter ads.

The DNC has released two newer and tougher ads that talk about Republican Joe Barton's incredible apology to British Petroleum and their general inclination to side with the rich and powerful against the rest of us.

That Joe Barton apology is still amazing. If you were one of those slow people that couldn't figure out that the GOP was the complete sock puppet for business interests, then Joe should have cleared this up to you. Unfortunately, this doesn't actually mean that the Democratic Party is the party of the public. Usually, the Democratic Party is just a more subtle form of business party that screws you in the details but is smart enough not to publicly shill for corporate environmental criminals like BP...Big Sigh.

So, your choice this November will be between the kick to the groin (complete corporate shill republicans) or the poke in the eye (the more worried about deficits than jobs democrats). If only there was another party to choose from...

Still, both of these ads should be very very effective. But a 100 billion dollar jobs bill would be more effective but don't listen to me I'm not a rich lobbyist....This is called "How Republicans would govern..":

And here's yesterdays newest ad tying together the Republican proclivity of favoring the private shark over the public lamb. Its called "On Their Side."

Sestak releases ad saying Toomey supports Erie Lake drilling, which is probably true.

Let the Internet ad wars begin. Democratic Party candidate Joe Sestak has released his first ad against right wing Club for Growth candidate and Republican Pat Toomey. Sestak claims that Toomey supports drilling in Lake Erie. This is probably completely true. I would think that's just a terrible position for anyone to be taking buy then again I'm a proud DFH who believes in all kinds of crazy things like not destroying vast natural reservoirs of water.


Anyway, here's the ad:

There's also this longer ad that the Sestak campaign posted where Toomey explains his pro drillin' agenda in more depth:

Merton Center's weekly news includes 1000 mile bike rides, help for Haitian students and more.

The Thomas Merton Center has some interesting weekly news for us. The thing that caught my eye is Malik Rahim's attempt to ride a 1000 miles for the environment. Honestly, I wish somebody would just ride a 1000 miles to give us as decent Green Party, or a third or second party of any kind but I wish him luck. But if good intentions and public support moved Washington, then I would have a public option for healthcare by now and "fracking" would not be allowed.

You can read their full press release here.