Friday, May 31, 2013

Parenti is good. Someone you never see on corporate media. #VICEonHBO

Still, you need to say its mostly republicans.

One complaint: That's mostly republicans in the American government. You quote nothing but the GOP. #VICEonHBO

It's also propaganda by American media. Bought and owned mostly be Republicans. You're cutting edge say the party that retards progress in every area of our lives here in this country.

Climate change is real. Who knew. We're visiting Venice. #VICEonHBO #globaldisruption

Venice is not doing well.

I can't believe you fucking won either. Definitely fixed. #VICEonHBO #Senegal

He couldn't even beat the six year old earlier. 

The Senegalese Mike Tyson? Looks like Sumo. #VICEonHBO #senegal

Pasty white guy is learning about core strength. #VICEonHBO #senegal #voodooo

I'm sure that kid can kick his ass. Oh, and the sand makes it more of a workout.

That one guy looks scary. Seems perfect for MMA though. Where's Dana White recruiting? #VICEonHBO #UFC

That's still a pasty white boy. Should have brought Chael Sonnen.

Wow. That is one weak whiteboy. Should have sent a MMA guy for this one. #VICEonHBO #senegal

Nice metaphor about hoop dreams and wrestling in this county. Definitely a strong NPR level writer.

Wow. She wrote "The East"? #realtimers #billmaher

That's very impressive. Her performance in "Another Earth" was also sublime. I don't know if she wrote that but that was subtle emotionally involving science fiction.

Bill poses the question of working through the systems...Has he watched what happened with the Occupy Movement? #realtimers #billmaher

That was a completely peaceful protest that was shut down. When that happens then you turn to violence. I understand the violent point of view.

Nice. Interview about radical film called "The East". #realtimers #billmaher

"The East" is a film about very violent environmentalists that looks to be very very good. And probably very realistic. I just hope its this, where the industrialists are targeted, and not Children of Men.

One more problem with the individual mandate...#realtimers #billmaher

Republicans will use the mandate against groups they don't like which is everybody who isn't in a Norman Rockwell painting. Example: immigrants. Not needed. I don't have health insurance because I'm a cheater I didn't have it when I was young because I was healthy and I don't have it now because I can't afford it.

Ugh. Defending the individual mandate? Et tu Bill...#realtimers #billmaher

I agree with the Stalinist name dropper: the individual mandate is a bad idea. The reason why health care works in other countries is that they make the plans are so good that you don't need to force people to use their plans. 

Hmmm. Comparing Boston Bombers to London machete people...#realtimers #billmaher #glenngreenwald

Bill is asking the question why. Well Glenn Greenwald told him why several weeks ago. We kill lots of muslims and we pay no attention to it. They have a right to get mad about that...

#realtimers #billmaher #wikileaks Nice start about the war on whistleblowers.

You might be reading about this more if journalists actually controlled the media. They don't. This is why there isn't an annual page in your paper about all the brave journalists who are killed each year.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

More Euro Porn: The Science Fictional Fantasy That Is Denmark #berniesanders #socialism

I have always been a Norwegianist, just like the late and democratically elected Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez. But Bernie Sanders tells me about another place of the fantastic called Denmark. I know it can't exist yet people say its true. Here's how Bernie describes what must be a socialist hell hole.

In Denmark, social policy in areas like health care, child care, education and protecting the unemployed are part of a "solidarity system" that makes sure that almost no one falls into economic despair. Danes pay very high taxes, but in return enjoy a quality of life that many Americans would find hard to believe. As the ambassador mentioned, while it is difficult to become very rich in Denmark no one is allowed to be poor. The minimum wage in Denmark is about twice that of the United States and people who are totally out of the labor market or unable to care for themselves have a basic income guarantee of about $100 per day.
Health care in Denmark is universal, free of charge and high quality. Everybody is covered as a right of citizenship. The Danish health care system is popular, with patient satisfaction much higher than in our country. In Denmark, every citizen can choose a doctor in their area. Prescription drugs are inexpensive and free for those under 18 years of age. Interestingly, despite their universal coverage, the Danish health care system is far more cost-effective than ours. They spend about 11 percent of their GDP on health care. We spend almost 18 percent.
When it comes to raising families, Danes understand that the first few years of a person's life are the most important in terms of intellectual and emotional development. In order to give strong support to expecting parents, mothers get four weeks of paid leave before giving birth. They get another 14 weeks afterward. Expecting fathers get two paid weeks off, and both parents have the right to 32 more weeks of leave during the first nine years of a child's life. The state covers three-quarters of the cost of child care, more for lower-income workers.
At a time when college education in the United States is increasingly unaffordable and the average college graduate leaves school more than $25,000 in debt, virtually all higher education in Denmark is free. That includes not just college but graduate schools as well, including medical school.
In a volatile global economy, the Danish government recognizes that it must invest heavily in training programs so workers can learn new skills to meet changing workforce demands. It also understands that when people lose their jobs they must have adequate income while they search for new jobs. If a worker loses his or her job in Denmark, unemployment insurance covers up to 90 percent of earnings for as long as two years. Here benefits can be cut off after as few as 26 weeks.

Read the whole thing as they say. Or this is why you don't have a lot of Western Europeans for neighbors. They would be taking a step down to live in the United States

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Abe Got Stabbed. #philsbandnames #bandnames

#madmen Well I see the utility of moving to the suburbs and/or gated communities...

Abe got stabbed.

#madman Is Don Draper doing the voiceover for American Airlines? Aren't they a client on the show? More meta.

More Lesbian Sexual Harassment Please #philsbandnames #bandnames

#madman More lesbian sexual harassment. I wish I had this problem...

#madmen With the ex wife? Seriously? You can do that?

#madmen Women are materialistic. Clear reference to New York's current stop and frisk policy.

I admire Abe whatshisname. He's doing the Hard Thing. On the other hand, I know a local neighborhood kid who loved waving his gun at me. On the other other hand, as a black man I would get frisked all the time...That's not a good trade for me. And yeah she wants a nicer place, always more stuff. It's never enough. #embittered #embitteredloner

#madmen Very Meta. You show a tv show being filmed within a tv show.

Very informative pic about the greatest president who never was: Henry Wallace #Zinn

ITEM: One of the things I learned from the very informative alternative history offered by Oliver Stone some months back is the complete superiority of Henry Wallace. He would have continued the legacy of FDR. You almost wish that FDR had died a bit earlier so that this man could have taken power. Truman, according to Oliver Stone -- whose view of history I respect (Seems to come out of the depressing Zinn/Chomsky school which seems to be 99.9999 percent right most of the time...) -- is portrayed as some kind of dim witted rube that Big Money could manipulate at will. It was clear that Wallace was dumped by those same Big Money forces for Truman in 44. But I admire what Wallace was against.

I'm going back in time to make this retro poster featuring a 70s Matrix come true. #retro #matrix

I'm going back in time to produce this version of the Matrix featuring Sidney Poitier as Morpheus, Pam Greer as Trinity, Peter Sellers as Agent Smith and Bruce Lee as "Neo".

Why some of us want Medicaid or Medicare for All or the Public Option #medicaid #medicaidexpansion #other98

I got into an argument with somebody who thought I should be ashamed to use medicaid, as is being offered by the feds and refused by my silly mean spirited republican Governor Tom Corbett. 

But the problem is that private insurance is  not only out of the price range of the working poor but private insurance isn't as good as Medicaid or Medicare for that matter. You can still go bankrupt with private insurance.

Prosecution for industrial explosions vs terrorist bombings #waronterror #corporatecrime #westtexas #hyprocrisy

Interesting pic. Has anyone gone to jail yet over the killings in West, Texas?

Newest Embed of the Acid Jazz Channel.#acidjazz #jazz #altrock #indie #bjork #guitar

Best music video channel I ever created. Yet still embittered about the work of the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission. (PHRC)

Saturday, May 25, 2013

March against Monsanto March today at 2 pm at 21st and Smallman streets in the strip district. #monsanto #monsantomarch #gmo

You can read the full story here at my Examiner Post.

Here's the press release:

May 25 ‘March Against Monsanto’ planned for over 30 countries

SEATTLE, Wash. (May 1, 2013) - March Against Monsanto has announced that on May 25, tens of thousands of activists around the world will “March Against Monsanto.” Currently, marches are being planned on six continents, in 36 countries, totaling events in over 250 cities, and in the US, events are slated to occur simultaneously at 11 a.m. Pacific in 47 states.

Tami Monroe Canal, lead organizer and creator of the now-viral Facebook page, says she was inspired to start the movement to protect her two daughters. “I feel Monsanto threatens their generation’s health, fertility and longevity. I couldn't sit by idly, waiting for someone else to do something.” [The full March Against Monsanto mission statement can be read here.]

An organizer for the march in Athens, Greece, Roberta Gogos, spoke about the importance of the events in austerity-impacted South Europe. “Monsanto is working very hard to overturn EU regulation on obligatory labeling (questionable whether it's really enforced in any case), and no doubt they will have their way in the end. Greece is in a precarious position right now, and Greece's farmers falling prey to the petrochemical giant is a very real possibility.”

Josh Castro, organizer for Quito, says he wants to protect Ecuador against Monsanto’s influence, too. “Ecuador is such a beautiful place, with the richest biodiversity in the world. We will not allow this Garden of Eden to be compromised by evil multinational corporations like Monsanto. Biotechnology is not the solution to world hunger. Agroecology is.”

Partners facilitating the organizing of March Against Monsanto include The Anti-Media, Activists’ Free Press and A Revolt - Digital Anarchy. Major sponsors include GMO Free USA, NationofChange and Films for Action. Official website:

Related: Here's a list of where actions are taking place. More Related: Here is the Real News story. Not Related: Yes I'm still mad at the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission (PHRC) over this. And deservedly so.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Tell Obama and Congressional Dems to Vote Yes on Hemp Legalization

There's actually a wild outside chance that Hemp legalization could come to pass. I started a petition in order to promote its passage.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Well the sex and drugs seem safer on Mad Men than on Game of Thrones. #madmen #gameofthrones

Token black female very realistic then and now. #madman

Actually, just having the token black female in a white office place is still pretty consistent. I guess I've been the token black male at times but white people that are threatened by black people find black women less threatening.

"Come Fight Death With Me" #gameofthrones

This show is ruining sex for me.

I think Sansa is getting a good deal with Tyrion...#gameofthrones

Hey that Hound is a nice guy. He won't rape you every which way...#gamesofthrones

Uh oh. Is this the "Red Wedding" episode.

What sympathetic character will die tonight? With nudity hopefully...#gameofthrones #gidasflowers

Still mad about #gidasflowers.

Check out the online version of Juxtapoz for just some fantastic artwork. #art #juxtapoz #comics #surrealism

  ITEM: Art from Juxtapoz. Above and below. I like how they find what I'm guessing are European surrealists although could be American. You never know. Like their page on Facebook and their website to figure out who the artists are. Reminds me of Heavy Metal and Steranko at the same time.

Jewel Theft at Cannes #philsbandnames #bandnames

Who will film it? Seems like a natural for Woody starring himself...or perhaps Sofia Coppola will take a turn? Perhaps some indecipherable enigma by that Lars Von fella...

Friday, May 17, 2013

Next week Senegalese wrestling and climate change. Please go to an hour. #VICEonHBO

These are dream stories. You can't do this in corporate media because the ad men wouldn't let you. That's why you get the crimes of proles and endless stories about food. I hope the VICE empire expands.

That Ibogaine hack African chants. What a cool druggie. Great drug hack...#VICEonHBO

Could we get studies done on this? Or would we just suppress the research like we do for Marijuana...?

Philip Shropshire lives here and here: #VICEonHBO

Still waiting for VICE to get back to me on my proposal. Will probably wait a long time.

Visually this is just a beautiful show no matter how dark the subject matter. #VICEonHBO

I remember David Bowie saying something contemptuous about the "Travel Channel". Its not that we common folk don't like travel it's that we can't afford it Major Tom. Plus, I'm terrified of Indonesian child smokers and Heroin addicts. I admit it. Let one of those VICE dudes infiltrate the dangerous criminal gang in Mexico...Hey, I'll watch. Maybe. Unless I get scared...

A Clever Ibogaine Beats Heroin Hack #VICEonHBO #wikileaks

This is just an incredible news show. Needs to be an hour though. Bill Maher's show needs to be 40 minutes, with a music act, and on at least four days a week. If he's too lazy guest hosts Marc Maron, Mike Moore, Julian Assange...

One day, and one day soon, we'll look back at our soda ads with the contempt we have for Indonesian cigarette ads. #VICEonHBO

I say this as a type 2 diabetic. I used to drink gallons of soda...not anymore but perhaps too late....

I'm getting weezy and sick just watching all those kids smoke...#VICEonHBO

Kid picks up his pack of cigarettes before going to school. #VICEonHBO

Well...that smoking kid does look cool.

Oh that's sad. Kids smoking cigarettes, like a lot of cigarettes. #VICEonHBO #GMO #monsanto

I've been checking out the Discovery Blogs and they're making fun of people who want GMO restrictions or more accurately in this country GMO awareness and package tags. But tobacco was considered healthy by Big Science for decades until we reversed ourselves.  Indonesia not so lucky...

Why doesn't Mike Moore create an online press? He has the money. You need about 10 million to create 10 online papers...#mikemoore #realtimers #billmaher

in 10 major cities. Just need a million a city. Spend only $100000 grand a year. Let ad revenues slowly develop. Just my dream.

Wait. Atheist kid not on tonight. My bad. Mike Moore is on though. Token hawt conservative lady SE Cupp as well. #billmaher #realtimers

SE Cupp is the most intelligent conservative spokeslady I've seen. She's not crazy or stick stone stupid like the entirety of the Fox team or Bill's occasional girlfriend Ann Coulter.

Waiting for that heroic kid who fights creationism on Bill Maher #billmaher #realtimewithbillmaher

And still mad at those Gidas Flowers people.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Best New Websites I'll Be Checking Out Daily

These are sites that are doing something interesting that I should be checking out everyday.

So here's that list (not complete. About halfway done.)

African American Literature Book Club
and Black Science Fiction Society (remember to post that reviewing thing at both forums)

The Atlantic Wire (Really must reading especially if I want to read something quality.)

Daily Galaxy (Space stuff and I think space commercialization.)

Demilked (Interesting new design, architecture and art magazine, that I would like to write for.)

Discovery Blogs (Lots of good stuff even though it features my long time neo eugenicist archfoe of Gene Expression: Razib, who was always a pretty good writer so...)

Best 25 discrimination blawgs
Discrimination Blog

Guardian/Glenn Greenwald

Hacker News (High end tech news.)

Immortality Hub (High end transhumanist news.)

Keystone Politics (Good local progressive site.)

More of It (Finds sites that are similar.)


Pacific Standard (General Interest. Feels like a west coast Atlantic Monthly.)

Pennsylvania Legal Record (Statewide legal journal with an online presence or perhaps only with an online presence.)

Rethinking Schools (Rethinking schools, in the John Holt Paul Goodman Ivan Illich tradition.)

Singularity Hub (New Science)

Wired (This is becoming a must read again.)

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Nice move there incestuous brother...#gameofthrones Way to save the big girl...

This is the new more interesting modern television. Not everyone is all good or all bad.

The Wildings should opt for a Palestinian solution #gameofthrones

The North needs more troops and the Wildings want a kingdom. Give them some land outside the Wall. There's room according to the maps.

Keep your pants on Theon...its a trap! It always is...#gameofthrones

Daenerys Targaryen: The Freer of Slaves #gameofthrones

I"m beginning to root for her. Now if she'll just turn her throne into a symbolic position and introduce democratic reforms. Ha.

More Sex and Violence, please. #gameofthrones

I think there will be some. Just some guess...although I looked ahead in Wikipedia. Some of these marriages don't turn out well...

I ask it again: Make VICE on HBO an hour long show. #VICEonHBO

And if you need more material align yourselves with The Real News, which does excellent progressive work as well. They don't seem to be bought off corporate media lackeys, either.

A deservedly positive puff piece on Bill Gates philanthropy efforts #60minutes #television #microsoft

It's estimated he could save almost a billion mostly poor African lives. This makes it hard for me to dislike me.

Anti War Facebook Posters #antiwar #peace #dontenlist

ITEM: All very good arguments against enlistment and our current American Forever War against all smaller non nuclear countries that have stuff that we want.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Our Failed Revolution #bandnames #philsbandnames

Shorter version of what's wrong with Arab Spring: Islamic fundamentalists.#vice #arabspring #revolution #failedrevolution

But people are pissed off. I guess they have to keep fighting...

Landowners vs. Rapacious Chinese Developers = Crying embittered Chinese former lady farmer. #vice #china #newchina #greed

That Qian Lao is Hawt #bandnames #philsbandnames

Reporter makes a point: These would be superior science fiction sets or even just general movie sets. #vice #china #newchina

Hmmm. You could move a lot of Africans and Third World Women...#vice #china #newchina

into those empty towns. I know they want and need the women from a previous show.

That Qian Lao is hawt. #vice

China's growth, with a terrible environmental price, might be empty. #vice #china

Copycat Paris is interesting and also abandoned. In China...

Checking out Vice again. Just real stories all the time. #vice

Also an interesting Bill Maher show beforehand. I wish both shows were daily or at least four times a week like Colbert and Stewart.

Saturday, May 04, 2013

Okay. I would like to own my own skyscraper. As a house. #vice #television

I admit it.

Hey at least throw coins at the Indian slum kids...#vice

Well that's a relief. India's one percent lives well. #vice

I was worried about that for awhile. But they're doing great. Kind of like the Lanisters in Game of Thrones.

Vice on HBO should be one hour long. #vice #globalinequality

These stories really need more room even though there are extras on Youtube.
The poverty in India looks miserable. Way worse than Wilkinsburg.

Poverty in India. Or news you won't get, like ever in American corporate media #vice #poverty #classwar

India's Richest Man. Soon to be a band name...looks down on some of the worst slums in the world. Meanwhile, my local news has car crashes and the crimes committed by poor people and usually poor people only. We certainly wouldn't want to report on the crimes of our advertisers.

Next segment: Getting fat on purpose in the African country of Mauritania #vice #television

Visually beautiful. But a lot of throwing up.

Afraid of Church Security #vice #philsbandnames #television #atheism

Very disturbing segment on a Mormon don.

"Outside world is a bad mixed up place" #vice #atheism #mormons

Well, mostly because of religion. States that are less religious do better on almost every metric...O Norway.

Hmm. Feels like Amish mafia reality tv. #vicetv #vice #television #mormons #atheism

"These kids are still afraid of Church Security"

My nagging 78 wives #philsbandnames #bandnames #vice

Mormon fundies #vice #television

The discarded kids of polygamy.

First up: Mormon polygamist #vice #television

78 wives? I can't even get girls to go to movies with me...

One of the best new shows on television #vice #vicehbo #television

This is just a stunning news show. It kind of feels like "An American Life" on the road.

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

How romantic. Philip gets to go home. #theamericans

Philip is a badass...#theamericans

Will Philip save Elizabeth? #theamericans

It doesn't look like she's taking a car....

Very realistic about Star Wars fantasy. #theamericans

Our patriotic history says that's what happened. I have a feeling that's not true. I think the Soviet Union just got tired of being evil jailers. That black maid is dead....but they're not always awful.

Looks like Philip will sacriface everything for his family. #theamericans

Or he just wants to get out of that marriage to the American secretary. "Shoot me now," he says.

Granny Goodness: Stealth killer. #theamericans

See its all about the technique...and they made tasers back then?

Show prediction: FBI guy figures them out but is also compromised. He knows but can't say anything..? #theamericans

I'm watching the birth of a double agent. #theamericans

I'm trying to figure out if  the FBI guy is Hansen or will Hansen make an appearance.

I think the kids do like Philip more. He's more fun. #theamericans

It's almost like the mother is under some kind or pressure of living  a duplicitous double life.

Wow. Those Russian agents work really really oral satisfaction. #theamericans

He has to kill her I think.

I think Granny Goodness gets it this episode. #theamericans

It makes sense. They just don't like her.

A really nice story about education reform that makes perfect sense...#education #dianeravitch

A lot of schools are structured like prisons. I'm beginning to think that's because this is the ultimate goal. But there is a school in Massachusetts that seems to be going in a different direction. They got rid of the guards and put all that money into teaching the arts again. I don't think they had to privatize or anything although I read Diane Ravitch doesn't think this will work. Of course, I'm not sure if she's looking at this specific school or the administration's cozying up to school privatizers everywhere. But this school seems to work.

You can look at the profile here.