Monday, April 27, 2015

Seven Twitter Pics from the Baltimore Protests #BlackLivesMatter #FreddyGray #Baltimoreprotests

The shocking and probably completely preventable death of Freddie Gray has brought violence and anger to the city of Baltimore. Even while the media and the president were making jokes at the annual White House correspondent's dinner (which was, oddly enough, hilarious this year.) angry protesters were storming the streets made famous by the Wire. There were at least a dozen protesters arrested Saturday evening after earlier peaceful protests had ended. It should be noted that the family of the late Freddie Gray were urging calm and did not want the protesting to turn violent. The family  made that statement right beside the African American mayor of Baltimore Stephanie Rawlings-Blake. Freddie Gray is just the latest in a series of questionable deaths of African American men not only within the last several years -- starting with the killing of Trayvon Martin in Florida -- and capping off an astonishing month that has seen not only the death of Freddie Gray but a number of other questionable deaths. Those deaths include two black men who were shot in the back (here  and that was filmed and here) and another black man who was mauled to death by a K9 dog
This is the anger that has many fathers. Here are the pictures that prove it. (These are all publicly available on twitter.)

1. This is from the Dream Defenders, organized around the Trayvon Martin shooting, have on Twitter. 
2. The sign says "They kill our daddies then make fun of us for being fatherless."
3. Memo about what people find more important.
4. It's important to keep in mind that there was a much larger number of peaceful protesters.
5. They ask for peace.

6. Cop arrests a suspect who we all hope survives his arrest.

7. Picture of white rioters that don't seem to be getting the angry responses that black rioters get.

Well as an atheist I'd like to get into this worship of beautiful lady gods at the Littlefinger establishment. Damn fundie High Sparrows takin' away my fun...#GameofThrones

Friday, April 24, 2015

I liked two of these dresses based on Avengers characters and designed for women. #Avengers #Fashion #Marvel

Hey I'm going to use that fashion hashtag at least once this year. And hey ladies: you can dress like the Avengers. I'm sure that will make you kewl. Actually, the Captain America dress and the Black Widow thing looked nice. The rest were kind of blah said the person who knows nothing about fashion.

You can read the full story here. You can buy those items, which are oddly affordable (I hope they're not made by slave labor abroad because that would be ironic yet sad....) here.

I liked the Captain Americe one or that blonde. One of those.

And I liked this Black Widow...dress? Is there a fancier name for that? I don't know fashion..


Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Jeez. She narced on her own parents. Will Pastor Tim believe her? Sigh. Have to wait until next year. #TheAmericans

Okay so Marge is still alive someplace. ...? We haven't seen her this episode...#TheAmericans

Knew it. They're planning to pin it on the computer Kama Sutra Marge is still alive? #TheAmericans @TheAmericansFX

@TheAmericansFX Season finale where I suspect there will be a suitcase for Kama Sutra Marge. And possibly for a talkative Paige. #TheAmericans

Generally: you should never sign a contract, or support a contract that you haven't seen. #ElizabethWarren @maddow #WarrenforPresident

Elizabeth Warren makes the case against that terrible TPP deal...@maddow She was missing from Hardball last night.

Some science fiction and pulp pics I borrowed from Pinterest #pulpcovers #sciencefiction #comics

Here are some interesting art pieces I found on Pinterest. Haven't checked out Instagram yet.

I have that novel but not that cover.

Oddly enough I have seen that in real life.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Wow. That season went fast. Should I assume Kama Sutra Marge has bit the dust now that the wig is off so to speak...? #TheAmericans

Okay so how do you put on that wig...I guess this is real spying, back then anyway. #TheAmericans

Actually, a divorce would be the best thing for Kama Sutra Marge. I hope it turns out like that...#TheAmericans

That was the cowardly thing about #Allegiance. Yes Putin a tyrant but the US isn't right about Venezuela and seems to have questionable intent in Ukraine. #TheAmericans

Actually, crazy bearded Afghan guy could say the same things about the current conflict...#TheAmericans

Elizabeth and Philip make scary "The Conversation" era CIA agents...#TheAmericans

Hmmm The evil Russians may kill or compromise an evil Afghani fundamentalist...hmmmm. That's bad? #TheAmericans

Don't get in that car Kama Sutra Marge...oops. #TheAmericans

Still think Marge is being fitted for a nice suitcase and possibly the daughter. #TheAmericans

#Justified Sigh. That was a great show that I will miss. On the other hand, you could do the show again in about 10 or 20 years.

We could see how these characters grow in 10 or 20 years, assuming that they're all alive. That would be nice. 

Sunday, April 12, 2015

#lastweektonight Those popular Japanese movies about a heroic tax collector could never get made in the US...

#lastweektonight The Bolton thing is interesting though....can he say "Fuck Up" in a lyric...I guess he can...

#lastweektonight Here's the things: American elites hate the government and they hate government regulation. So that's the news, always.

#TheGoodWife Its republicans who, other than the presidential election, are winning everywhere else. And these results aren't being audited. We just don't know if they've won legitimately..

#TheGoodWife Here's the problem: There's almost no evidence that Dems hack machines, like ever. Lots of evidence that republicans, who work to repress the vote, are cheating and have cheated, especially in 200.

#GameofThrones Another astonishing episode. What the young Cersei scene meant: You'll watch all your kids die once they become King or Queen. So far the fortune teller has been right..

#TheGoodWife Just for the record, we never fixed the machines. Unless you have paper ballots and open audits anything can happen. That's true rarely if at all..

#SNL Not a fan of the Mumfords so I just turn this music video channel to 11...

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Promo: Granny Goodness is back! And could Paige be fitted for a suitcase...better keep your yap shut...#TheAmericans

#TheAmericans More things Liz and Phil tell Paige: "I can't tell you how varied and multifaceted our sex lives are...!"

So what happens at the, seduction, murder or all of the above? #TheAmericans

I still think Kama Sutra Marge will end up in a suitcase before the season ends. #TheAmericans

Maurice is a hard ass but he's right. She has the security clearance...#TheAmericans

Was the intro in Russian? I wonder if Russians even like this show....#TheAmericans

More things Liz and Phil tell Paige: "Have you met your dad's other wife Kama Sutra Marge? I think he likes sex with her more so I hope I get to kill her when it all goes wrong..." #TheAmericans

More things Liz and Phil tell Paige: "Good Lord I've lost count of how many people we've killed. I mean, really. All for great reasons of course..." #TheAmericans

Sunday, April 05, 2015

Hidden Homewood Graffiti Art 1 #photography #streetphotography #graffiti #Homewood

I was walking home to Wilkinsburg by way of Homewood -- obviously I'm fearless -- and I ran into some hidden yet beautiful graffiti art. Someone should give this guy a show or I wish he would do more work someplace near my busway east ride.

I had my camera with me so I took some shots. There is some minor effects work on some of these.

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Come on Paige tell the FBI suit what you know. There is a chance your parents might kill you...#TheAmericans

Was that Russian Russian or was it Russian with an American/Sharapova accent? I can't tell. Sounded authentic to me. #TheAmericans

That Eddie Murphy impression was just awful. Also, I'm calling the cops on your commie parents...Someone should, right Paige? You can live with the church. #TheAmericans

I guess this is how it happened in #Allegiance some years earlier. Not a common teevee moment. #TheAmericans

Wow. They're really telling her. Shocker. #TheAmericans

There will be blood. I mean, can't we torture and then burn to death, horribly and graphically, one more Pro Apartheid South African spy? #TheAmericans

Those were good times. Good times. Didn't even need the suitcase...