Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Estimated Donald Trump death toll: Anything under 1 million not that bad. But could be 8 figures or more though...

This could get pretty horrific.

Under 1 million dead is everything sort of stays as is. That's counting all minor conflicts the US is involved in, whoever the Saudis kill next with our arm (Yemen war that we indirectly support), all those bases and actions in Africa, bloodshed in Iraq and Afghanistan. That under 1 million estimate also includes the dead that the US creates on its own shores by taking away healthcare from 24 million people. Let's limit the dead to about 200000, which is what some reports estimate.

Now the bad news.

Any kind of Korean conflict would probably escalate into a nuclear conflict pretty quickly. So you're looking at a death toll, minimum of 500 thousand. Without nukes. With nukes, and thinking about targets like heavily populated areas like South Korea and Japan hit with nukes...not to mention the US wiping out North Korea's population of 25 million or so...

You could get to 10 million casualties pretty quickly. We have no idea what the aftermath of numerous nuke strikes looks like. Trump's watch could reach 9 figures or more.

So, if Trump leaves with less than a million dead, that's actually pretty good news. I don't think we'll be getting good news.

Hopefully, I'll be around in 2020 and can reflect back on this. If not, well here's to posterity's wisdom. And the hopes that the future will still have a functioning Internet.