Friday, May 27, 2005

Brand Spankin' New Around the Internets

A Proud American Scientification Around the Internets

Ted Rall on Our Boil 'Em Alive Uzbek Ally
Update on Vote Fraud in Ohio
Long Worldchanging Interview with Cyborg Democracy Spokespeople Garreau, Naem and Hughes. Related: Better Humans gets a facelift. They're trying the Daily Kos Scoop model. I've already registered as Steelydan.
Multiple Reasons Why We're Screwed (His high brow academic terminology) in Iraq by Juan Cole (short version: insurgency widespread with deep public support + too few American troops) (My short counter to the short version: A Chaotic ethnic rivalry in Iraq makes it easier for us to steal their oil. That's the overall evil plan. The Dark Side is strong...)
Amnesty International Understands the Dark Side

I'm reading Cringely again thanks to Robot Wisdom. 3 Big Epochal Events You Might Have Missed.
Bit Torrent Now Has A Search Function...Search for "Best of Seka" comes up empty...

Conflict at Space Confab (cue the Heinlein vibe)

Monday, May 23, 2005

My Star Wars Review

Well, I sorta liked it. For me, its about the gorgeous Mysty visuals even though I do care about the characters. Sad to see the Jedi slaughtered like that. (Had to be more survivors than just the two. Not convinced am I of Mace Windu's demise.) But man those worlds are beautiful. Alien architecture and alien flowers rule. Loved that big goofy lizard. I find that the actions of the Sith remind me of the Bush administration, although the direct plotline seems more like the DS9 episode "The Die is Cast". That's where the Bush Administration knew about 9-11 Dominion knew about the secret attack but did nothing to stop it because it fit into their imperialist world-owning plans. You be the judge and no I am not this person. I wish George would do two or three more. He could always shop the director's duties. What else is he going to do in his final 20 years? American Graffiti 3?

Friday, May 20, 2005

More On PennEnvironment

So I quit my job at PennEnvironment after four days. My freelance writing work had picked up so I didn't need the job anymore, even though it was a great workout. More on my brilliant career at PennEnvironment, later. The main issue they were canvassing on had to do with mercury reduction in the state of Pennsylvania. Or, to sum up a long story, they were working so that the state could pick up the slack after the feds decided that they would no longer pursue their old goal of 90 percent reduction of mercury--backed by many Republicans by the way. I never thought that was much of an issue to canvass on because all Ed Rendell has to do is ask the person he appointed to head the state's Department of Interior to follow a higher standard. Kind of a no brainer during an election year. And sure enough, that's just what Rendell did. There's some PennEnvironment/PennFuture commentary in this Philadelphia Inquirer article. They're not entirely happy. I'm not sure why they aren't. More later.

South Koreans Make Stunning Embryonic Stem Cell Advance

There was a stunning breakthrough in embryonic stem cell research yesterday (check here and here (not usually) for commentary). It was done by the South Koreans. I'd like to think it could have been done by Americans. You should thank certain superstitious minions as to why you'll have to travel abroad to be cured of your diabetes or spinal cord injuries or to receive your organ transplant surgery. That's if they allow you to do that. Thanks to them you'll be dying on time.

Sorry for the lack of posts..

Sorry for the lack of posts last week. I took a new canvassing job with PennEnvironment. And where ACORN yearns to pay you that big 40 percent, PennEnvironment pays you around 62.5 percent of your first 400 dollars raised. Quick test: who would you work for? It's not a utopia, however. Canvassing is still hard, grueling work and not especially friendly to 40 year old bodies. PennEnvironment has also evolved from the PIRGS, which were begat by Ralph Nader, also not known for how well he treats his employees. "Management" gets to work seven day weeks. I'll give a full list of the pros and cons later. Still, it's a better deal than ACORN's. More coming.

Monday, May 02, 2005

New Cartoon Section. Features: Zippy, Get Your War On, Among Others

Took me awhile, but here are cartoon links. Stolen from Tom Tomorrow and Ted Rall. See bottom, far right. Hey, at least we carry Zippy.

We also carry "Get Your War On"