Tuesday, May 30, 2006

"Come on Let's Go" by Broadcast (Their Best Tune)

Sunday, May 21, 2006

"The Black Forest" by Vanessa Daou

LTJ Bukem

"Bright Size Life" by Pat Metheny

"Airborne" by Jaga Jazzist

"Summer Sun" by Koop

Jazzy Bjork Remix with Anime

Esthero Tune

"Scarlet Woman" by Weather Report

Classical Zappa

Music Video Codes by

Love Like We Do

Music Video Codes by

Sanctuary by Wayne Shorter

Music Video Codes by

coryell assad and abercrombie

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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Final Thoughts About Chuck Penn Campaign and Thanks For Nuthin' Atrios

As I write this, I'm guessing that Chuck Penn didn't win. That's probably because 90 percent of the voting public doesn't know who he is. (By the way Atrios: Thanks for fuckin' nuthin. You and the Kos have disappointed me to no end in your support for Casey (more Kos) and refusal to do anything for Chuck Penn. You coulda ran a fuckin' ad. You've been working nonstop against the guy in Connecticut working to overthrow Leiberman but nothing for the progressives in your own state? What do we tell this small faction of women voters Pennsylvania, who only make up half of the fuckin' electorate...! I can't work for Casey (I can't see voting for him either) and I seriously wish Kate Michelman would reconsider her third party run...In fact, I could work for just about any serious Third Party run and it would have to be serious because you need about 70000 signatures to get on the ballot....Look: Casey isn't a guy who's going to help dems. He's the guy who switches parties in order for the GOP to keep their majority, all for imaginary Jesus of course....)

Now, Chuck did have a few flaws. He was just a terrible fundraiser. Of course, had the netroots chipped in, say Kos and Atrios, who knows how much he could have raised. He also didn't try my plan--simple version: replicate ACT in at least Philly and Pittsburgh-- which, on paper anyway, could have raised his name recognition and put him in a position to win. My plan only cost about 10 to 30 thousand dollars by the way. But he never tried it fully. Paying one guy (me) to canvass in the city isn't enough. And I think he abandoned it once I left the campaign. I can now state that his secondary plan wasn't very good, unless its for running again in the future, which I would hope that he would do. He was having trouble meeting my massive $200 a week salary. Not good at fundraising.

I'm very proud of the candidate and the fact that he stood for something. I just wish YouTube had peaked two months ago. That's what the FCC was worried about in retrospect. Thousands of websites running television ads that had the same reach as TV...all for cheap. That would mean you wouldn't need big donors to run campaigns, which would be quite a shame, which I'm sure is what the FCC was thinking....

As for the krazy Jewish conspiracy idea I had in my had head...well, why else do you push a pro life guy in a blue state? (The machine guy they should have drafted was Mark Singel, betrayed by Bob Casey's father by the way...) Because the machine guy will back the war--which, and here's the conspiracy part, the Jewish Democratic congressional delegation secretly and not so secretly likes--and get the money from the Jewish donors, who, according to Alexander Cockburn, dominate Democratic Party fundraising. Of course, in my overall drug fueled Oliver Stone conspiracy theory, American Jews are the Mentats and the Money Men behind the party. Both of the men responsible for taking back the majorities in the House and Senate are Jewish. Rahm is a former Israeli soldier for god's sake....

I guess the question is: what if they've joined the other side? What if they want to reward the Republicans for fighting proxy wars on behalf of Israel? And as I've mentioned before, if your people had been through a holocaust would you be more likely to overreact or under react to possible threats? I think you would overreact. Of course, that's just my crazy opium fueled fantasy scenario...then again, Bob Casey is about the one Democrat that I think Rick Santorum could beat. I mean, Casey lacks Ron Klink's charisma or anyone else's charisma for that matter. Just a horrible candidate. In fact, if you had switched sides, you really wouldn't want the Democrats to take power, ever. You would sabotage their efforts in fact, work for their weakest candidates, never offer clear contrasts, etc.... I'm hoping I'm wrong...Bottom Line: I'm having a hard time even trying to conceptualize a vote for Bob Casey. It wrecks the Democratic Party coalition.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Fourth Installment of the Anti Lawrence Welk/Anti VH1 Soul Jazz Show

"The Magician" by Return to Forever
(Features their best lineup: Clarke, Corea, Dimeola and White. Check out Lenny's standup at the end. Yeah we get it. Its called the "Romantic Warrior)
St. Germain live (very intense from the first bar. If you really wanted to sell jazz to the young people, this is what you would play. Not fuzak, not 60s Miles Davis...)
"Shadow of Ourselves " by the Thievery Corporation (Live track
"Black Market" by the Zawinul Syndicate (Features narada walton on drums...!)
Al Jarreau Medley With Miki Howard Sly Stone's "Everybody is a Star" and Beatles "Hey Jude"

Massive Attack "Protection" Features Everything but the Girl Singer.
Classic James Brown tune
Mad Lib "All Caps" (jazzy hip hop tune. Imaginative video. Again, if you were making an effort to attract younger audiences
Mad Lib (jazz instrumental which features jazz album covers)
Pretzel Logic (Steely Dan classic.)

Broadcast, bonus Broadcast (White Brits who were signed by a black hip hop label. They're the find of the Internet. Nobody played their video "Papercuts".
Sun Ra (anime fan likes Sun Ra)
The Jackson 5 Blame it on the Boogie (Mixed with imagery of mob scenes)
Bensen "Breezin
Malone "Mugshot
entirety of Cinematic Orchestra 1 hour

Sunday, May 14, 2006

New Network Neutrality Vid

New Neutrality vid. Like the vid. Love the Internets just the way they are. With that said I think there's little chance of getting the language. Its an evil congress and its always been much harder to pass a bill. Best hope is real competition with google and the utility companies leading the way.

"The Magician" Return to Forever (Quartet, Dimeola)

St Germain Live

"Shadow of Ourselves Live" Thievery Corporation

"Black Market" by Zawinul Syndicate

Al Jarreau/Miki Howard Medley Everybody is a Star/Hey Jude

"Protection" by Massive Attack

Classic James Brown Tune

"All Caps" by Madlibs

"Slim Return" by Madlib

"Pretzel Logic" by Donald Fagen of Steely Dan

Broadcast "Papercuts"

"Plutonium Nights" Sun Ra

Blame it on the Goodfellas (jacksons tune mixed with mob footage)

George Bensen "Breezin"

Mugshot by Russell Malone

Cinematic Orchestra One Hour Concert

Sunday, May 07, 2006

"Advice for the Young of Heart" Tears for Fears

"Suzanne" by Hope Sandoval

"Amazing Grace" by Victor Wooten

"Amazing Grace" by Victor Wooten

"Tunnels" (Featuring sinewy Jaco-like bassist Percy Jones)

Warning: This is a real jazz rock tune. Not "Fuzak". (Term I got from Allan Holdsworth.)

"Ego Wrappin' "

I can't understand Japanese but its very cool.

"Little Wing" version by Clapton and Crow

There's something very powerful about a man and a woman singing together.

"Evolution" by Cinematic Orchestra

"Come as You Are" Charlie Hunter

N.E.R.D. "Maybe"

Coltrane "Alabama"

Lady Day "Fine and Mellow"

Amel Larrieux - Get Up LIVE

Two Portishead Tunes

Get this video and more at

Buckethead Does Hendrix

Palladium by Weather Report

Morph the Cat (The Internets Take Requests!)

YouTube not only yields classics, but requests! I asked the director of Steely Dan's "Pixeleen" and Donald Fagen's "Tomorrow's Girls" to do a Powerpoint vid of Donald Fagen's newest single "Morph the Cat". And there you go. The anime guy behind the Sun Ra video also gave me this. (He loves Sun Ra by the way.) Very cool.

Friday Complaints and People Only Love Me For My Graphic Porn Page!

May 5

I'm not writing a lot this week, which is probably a huge mistake because thanks to Robot Wisdom I've seen a surge of hits here and mostly at the Red Light District. He's been linking to some of my obscure YouTube jazz rock selections. You never know who's a closet Mahavishnu Orchestra fan. We haven't always been this cordial, as this earlier email exchange might reveal. We were probably both right in retrospect, by the way....Anyway, past history aside, thanks Jorn.

Last Week's Anti Tony Mowad/Anti VH1 Soul Jazz Show

April 30

This show, about 2 and a half hours long if you listen to everything (hey, no commercials), features two very rare performances by Mahavishnu Orchestra. There's an excellent chance that you won't see any of these songs on VH1 Classic, VH1 Soul, MTV Hits, or BET on J. It's a nice mix of old and new. So enjoy. This is the second installment of the Anti Lawrence Welk/Anti VH1 Soul Jazz show. And, quite frankly, it features better performances, song writing and outright talent than you will ever see on those aforementioned stations.

Nina Simone's "Feelin' Good"

Nikka Costa "Suger in My Bowl"

Cowboy Bebop Theme

Cowboy Bebop Theme Live (Female Composer)

Mahavishnu Orchestra "You Know You Know"

Joni Mitchell and Jaco Pastorius "Pork Pie Hat"

"Africa" by obscure tapping Genius Brazilian Guy"Pyramids"

Sun Ra (video not great, but that gorgeous song. You will be transported to another world...)

Telepopmusick (If you like Portishead...)

Jaga Jazzist's "Oslo Skyline"

Well Directed video. So well directed and frenetic that you're not immediately made aware that its about sex...

Mr Scruff's "Honeydew"

French "Bonoboo" I don't understand French but I think I know what he's saying

"Beautiful Lili" Tim Hagens

"Swing Shift" Cinderella by Legendary Cartoonist Tex Avery

Royal Crown ReviewGo Team

"Lady flash"Classic Aretha

Dave's True Story New Video (Okay, only video)

Portishead "All Mine"

"Naima" John Coltrane

Stina (She rips off Horace Silver's "Song for my Father", just as Steely Dan did with "Rikki Don't Lose that Number")"

Zoot Allures" Frank Zappa

Remixed Bjork

Louis Jordan "Honey Chile"

D angelo "Chicken Grease"

Pick Two from Carlos Santana. Either "Samba Pa Ti" or Europa with the Playboy Models

Mahavishnu Orchestra "Lotus on Irish Streams". I think this is one of the most beautiful jazz performances that I have ever seen. It's a good ending for this weekend's show. Real music. Real musicians.