Sunday, November 25, 2007

You Don't Support Hillary Just Because She's a Girl I Mean Come on....!

Here's why I think Edwards is the best choice for the presidency. I like and agree with his argument about there being no difference between corporate democrats and corporate republicans and that Hillary is certainly a corporate democrat. For example, the recruiting class that Schumer and Rahmbo gave us in 2005 was a status quo class.

And a question for Agent Ska: how will a President Hillary make your life better? She supported NAFTA for God's sake. Now she supports that awful Peruvian trade bill...I'm not supporting Barack as my primary choice because he's black. Are you supporting Hillary because she's a girl, even though many of her policies will probably hurt you? Do you want a society where its easier for companies to outsource the work you're studying for in college to some farm in Bangalore? I'm definitely sensing a "Look, its our time" vibe from a lot of women when it comes to Hillary even though I'm certain that very little that's positive will come out of a person who thinks lobbyists iz just plain folks. (See "oops. Our bad." ad below...)