Friday, February 26, 2016

"Waste Fraud and Abuse" #philsbandnames from the GOP Debate...

#Colony I don't understand the surveillance of the aliens. Broussard couldn't walk through London but ppl with FTL drives can't find him...?

No zillions of nanoscale cameras recording everything?

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Sign the petition. Tell #Obama to appoint a progressive to the #SupremeCourt.

It already has 61000 signatures as of 5 PM EST. Just a betrayal of the party to nominate a republican. I mean, Thank God he didn't recess appoint somebody, then. Let's hear it for blind and partisan GOP obstruction.

The petition is here from CREDO. By the way when people say Obama is weak when it comes to fighting and upholding the liberal tradition this is what they mean. If you keep the Supreme court split that means more wins for the liberal side of the equation. Dems control most of the appeals courts. Yes the fifth circuit will probably lose choice but the ninth will turn into a Norwegian utopia.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

"Actually Obama has been very weak in expanding New Deal Great Society protections," Or something that Sanders can't ever say. #DemDebate

#DemDebate Sanders anti Kissinger stuff is great plus someone mentioned a deposed democratically elected leader...Why I support Sanders.

"Seriously Hillary is there a war that you wouldn't get us into..." or what I wish Sanders would say...#DemDebate

"Dodd Frank didn't go nearly far enough and the money might have had a role," I wish Sanders would say. #DemDebate (Note: he said that!)

#DemDebate Bernie could also mention that his Wall Street settlements would be more ambitious and would also fund his proposals...

#DemDebate Come on Bernie have the balls to say that Lloyd Blankfein finds you to be the threat, not Hillary..

#DemDebate Sanders should point out that keeping the insurance industry and their 10 percent profit per year not good for the public...

#DemDebate Sanders might mention Medicare for All plus more negotiating rights as part of the exchange...come on Bernie...

#DemDebate Sanders might want to mention that its either large government or multinationals running everything...