Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Nerd Glaze #philsbandnames

Stolen from Peter Dinklage. But I claim it for my own. Like the Puritans and western lands. 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Is it wrong to like all this 80s music? Better than the Justins...#TheAmericans

The Cure? Nice. Is it even an old song? Before 1982 or the Reagan assassination attempt..?

They paid an assassin with a German accent? #TheAmericans

Well he does seem more evil...

The Russians targeted American scientists? #TheAmericans

Israel and possibly the United States are currently doing the same in Iran. This is a pretty awful policy which says that if you excel in math and science in what we term a rogue state you'll find yourself on some nation state's assassination list. #TheAmericans

Friday, March 15, 2013

Must Read Article on Proposed Workable Warp Drive at Popular Science.

I'm reading it now but I'm hoping that its true. Everyone should. We're not doing well with this planet, but there might be a 100 million planetary options in the milky way alone. If only we could get to them...

Here's the link:

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

KGB versus Mob? Just a payoff...Rooting for the KGB. #TheAmericans

Nudity from the woman that FBI agent is going to get killed. #TheAmericans

Uh oh. He's ruffing her up. Feels like shaming. #TheAmericans

Are they trying to kill or discredit? #TheAmericans

More poisons? #TheAmericans

Is that British actor doing Russian as well? #TheAmericans

The Real Conspiracy is all these talented Brits and their perfect dialects.They done took our jobs! Our high profile acting jobs...

Hey its David Horowitz the conservative commie mole, again. #TheAmericans

Is  the character named David Horowitz? That would be easier to track....

Uh oh. That Polish guy might be dust...#TheAmericans

Did Russian spies murder dissidents here and how many? 

I hope something violent happens this week..#TheAmericans.

Saturday, March 09, 2013

Interesting piece on Hitler's rise to power. He wasn't voted in technically.

Rand Paul may not have been right about Hitler being elected. It would be fairer to say that Hitler got enough of the popular vote to ensure his role in any kind of coalition government. It's also telling that a conservative government would prefer fascist and dangerous partners as opposed to leftists who weren't violent. What's also telling: 

The vote often times held up as the “Hitler was elected” proof, was the August 19th, 1934 vote which had a ballot that read simply Do you approve the consolidation of the offices of President and Chancellor in a single Leader-Chancellor? It was as legitimate as Saddam Hussein’s 100% victory, as any opposition to Hitler was met with public execution. He had already stripped the rights of Jews, the mentally ill, women, any minority group he could, which made it far easier to rig the election. During attempts to validate the votes, the number of votes cast against the dictator more than doubled during initial reviews, but then the vote validation was shut down by Hitler’s office. It did not hurt his cause when Hitler posted armed SS guards outside of each polling place with banners encouraging citizens to vote for the unification of the offices.
You might note that this is the same thing that the republicans are doing  in this country with their massive voter suppression efforts. I mean they're not killing those voters, yet. But with Scalia on the court who knows. Read the whole thing at Addicting Info.

Related: Why some of us are worried about this particular pattern. Because we've seen it before and there are those on the theocratic right that would love to import that here. See Democracy Now for the real news.

Friday, March 08, 2013

Why you should give to the blog.

The link is here over at Fundly. Here is the full embed.
Blogging takes time and money. I mean I'll struggle on even if there's not as much money as I would like. There should be one independent black progressive writer here in the City of Pittsburgh.