Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Tribute to the Late and Great Speculative Artist Leo Dillon

Legendary artist Leo Dillon, of the legendary and interracial (from way back in the 50s when you could get lynched for that kind of thing...) artistic couple Leo and Diane Dillon, passed away on Tuesday. I could never figure out who did what (I heard one story about how they could finish each other strokes...) but the results were astonishing.

Here's all the art I could find.


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

PA Green Party Sensibly Chooses Jill Stein over Roseanne Barr for presidential nominee.

(Commentary with links.)

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The Green Party of Pennsylvania sensibly chose not silly candidate Jill Stein over the slightly silly candidate Roseanne Barr for their presidential nominee several days ago. Yet it was actually a pretty tight race as Stein only won by four points with a 51 to 47 percent margin. They're also doing it proportional representation style even though Jill Stein has won all 20 contests so far, according to the Green Party press release.

Just personally, I just don't think that Roseanne Barr would be the best candidate for the Green Party. I can sort of imagine Jill Stein being a real contender if she was able to raise about 100 million dollars or so. I guess I'm curious why Barr, who has a reported net worth of $80 million (Wouldn't swear by the source but that seems about right for a successful sitcom star...)doesn't just become a kind of rainmaker for the party where she would wield the same kind of power. She could be the Karl Rove of the Green Party...

 A while back I wrote that 35 million was the sweet spot to fund viable third party races, about 10 million for five modest senate races and $200 grand for 25 or so house seats. It was called the 5/25 Plan. You could actually win a race if you spent those kinds of amounts on a pervasive field canvass and even real ads during the last month of the campaign. It sure would be fun to find out. Here's a place to give $45000 to a progressive 527 if Ms. Barr or anyone else is so inclined to give it a try.

Roseanne, of course, wouldn't have to come up with the entire 35 million but if she gave other members of the Hollywood Left might decide to give it a try. Just dreaming out loud. She would be more effective as a financial backer than as the face of the party.

Anyway, here's the rest of the press release sent to me by the Pennsylvania Green Party:

The Green Party of Pennsylvania has completed its balloting for a presidential nominee and can now announce that Dr. Jill Stein, a Massachusetts physician, has defeated actress-comedian Roseanne Barr in a hotly contested and close race conducted through caucus events in areas with established Green Party locals.  Stein will receive four of Pennsylvania’s seven delegates by virtue of her taking 51% of the votes cast.  Barr secures three delegates through her taking of 47% of caucus support.  Kent Mesplay of San Diego, California also competed in the Green primary and received 2%, not enough support to claim any of the state’s delegates.

Upon learning of her Pennsylvania victory Stein noted, “I am grateful to have the support of the Pennsylvania Greens in their state caucuses.  The national Green Party is united as never before for a strong voice in the 2012 Presidential election, at a time when the public has been clamoring for a principled alternative to the establishment parties that have brought us to the breaking point.”  She also said she will aid the Greens in securing access to the PA General Election ballot  adding, “I look forward to working with Pennsylvanians to get the Green Party on the ballot, and give Pennsylvania a chance to vote for the solutions they are clamoring for : an end to unemployment, health care as a human right through Medicare for All, an end to student debt and foreclosures, free public higher education, bringing the troops home, ending climate change and especially putting an end to fracking.”  To date the Green Party has had contests in 19 states and the District of Columbia and Stein has won all 20 contests.  She is now slightly more than halfway to the 206 delegates needed to be assured the presidential nomination at the United States Green Party National Convention, to be held in Baltimore July 12, through July 19.

Between April 10, and May 14, the Pennsylvania Greens held caucuses around the state.  Berks County (Reading) started the caucus season; while Lancaster County was the final county holding and event.  “Since we are prohibited from participating in the PA Primary Election, we have to fund our primary season on our own, I believe the Democrats and Republicans should do likewise and spare the taxpayer” said Jay Sweeney of Wyoming County and Green Party Steering Committee member.  “Our folks were awesome.  We had caucuses from the Buzz CafĂ© in Philadelphia to Citizen Power in Pittsburgh; from Pennsylvania businesses like Boscov’s in Wilkes-Barre and Greenline Paper in York; from the Swarthmore Borough Building to Keystone College; our locals put together 13 caucuses.” Sweeney added.  

The Green Party of Pennsylvania is an independent political party that stands in opposition to the two corporate parties.  The Green Party of Pennsylvania stands for grassroots democracy, social justice, non violence and ecology.  

For more information visit our web page or call 888-721-4733.
Kent Mesplay
Green Party of Pennsylvania
Green Party of the United States
2012 Green Party Presidential Nominating Convention

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Commentary with links.

They used to have a place at the Examiner where you could state that what you were doing was a kind of editorial news. So I'm using this site to do that.

If I link to this page then I'm writing an editorial backed up by facts and links. It's not quite objective news because I'm taking a perspective. But if I do it correctly you will learn something.

Monday, May 07, 2012

Sign the Amnesty International pledge against Shell Oil.

ITEM: Something interesting from Amnesty International. Now that we have an African American president I'm sure he'll take care of this. Or they'll use an African American president to kill Muslims and excuse the usual kinds of expropriation that evil multinationals do abroad, especially in Africa. I'm sure its one of those options...Sign the pledge.