Friday, April 19, 2019

Reminder: I can now self publish paperbooks on Amazon. Even do comics.

I got this in an email because I've already self published a few things. This is a reminder. I plan to use these tools very very soon.

Formatting feature updates with Kindle Create
Kindle Create helps you transform your manuscript into a professional book through features like book themes (templates), image placement, instant previews, automatic chapter title detection and more. The launch of the following new formatting features will help you to more easily format and publish your eBook and paperback books.

What's New:
  • Paperback (Early Access)You can now create a Kindle eBook and paperback with the same Kindle Create manuscript. Kindle Create lets you create a paperback of any trim size without any additional effort, and also takes care of complicated paperback formatting tasks like margins and page numbering.
  • Table of Contents (TOC) creation: Add a TOC page in addition to a Kindle Table of Contents (sometimes also called NCX) to your book in just a few clicks. The TOC page automatically adapts to digital or print – your eBook contains a TOC page with hyperlinks and a TOC in a paperback contains page numbers.
  • Image featuresKindle Create makes it easy to insert images and specify their placement on a page by controlling the size and position on a page. You can also set your image to extend to the edge of the screen as a Kindle Create Early Access feature.   
  • Comics with Guided View (Early Access)You can create a comic eBook using a PDF and add Comixology Guided View panels. Comixology Guided View allows readers to view a comic on a panel-by-panel basis in a way that mimics the natural motion of the user's eye through the comic. Individual pages can be added or deleted from your Kindle Create book, making it easy to make changes.
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