Saturday, November 23, 2013

#pagovrace Okay why is the white guy a better rapper than the black guy?


#pagovrace Wow. Didn't know about Hanger's son...

#pagovrace Good point for Hanger. Best moment of the night for him.

Mass incarceration resonates in the black community. I was giving this thing to McCord but in the black community that's a strong argument. Standing applause. Strongest moment period. Yes I'm a Hanger supporter. But still a great moment. Well I guess you know what to put on posters in the black community...

Uh oh. Spontaneous fracking protest....

And its needed. All the dems are bad at this. No one wants to stop fracking. What good is taxation if you lose the water supply? Not to mention that it will be very tough to get those taxes through either the house or the senate...

McGinty is on. Like her except for her pal Robert Rubin.

Like her tactic for all dems. Don't be afraid to say that when you cut school services like nurses and refuse free medicaid expansion money that people die as a result...

Good point by Hanger. Charters shouldn't take money from the public system.

You can watch this online at

Watching PA Gov Dem Debate. Hanger speaking now. Not as polished as McCord or

even as spunky as Schwartz.

Watching Dem Governor Debate. They're all better than Corbett...#pagovrace

Thursday, November 07, 2013

#Elementary That's funny. Female actress played Moriarty like character in Criminal Intent.

Gerry Conway once described the Vincent D Onofrio character in Law and Order Criminal Intent as a modern day Sherlock Holmes. The female character in tonight's "Elementary" is Olivia D Abo played what was that series closest approximation of isn't over yet. I wonder if she's a villain here as well? That would be a weird bit of cross network symmetry.