Friday, September 07, 2012

Daryl Cunningham's "Fracking" Is Scariest Comic I've Reviewed

ITEM: Scariest comic I've reviewed: "Fracking" by Daryl Cunningham. A snippet as they say:
So I read scary comics all the time about the end of the world with either zombies or mutants, interstellar wars where the Earth is kind of the bad guy (here and here) and the sex life of Chester Brown. Its all pretty terrifying and horrible. Yet I am strong and will continue to review comic books. But I can safely say that the scariest comic I’ve reviewed for Comics Forge is this beta version of an online — takes up 30 pages or more if you print it out — comic called “Fracking or Hydraulic Fracturing” by Daryl Cunningham.

If you’re not aware of this, and I barely am, “Fracking” is the next big economic thing to happen in the United States. What should be the next big thing is infrastructure investment to the tune of about $2 trillion dollars or even massive bank loans to small and mid size businesses. Republicans stopped the former because that would have helped the president and the banks stopped the latter because they own both parties.

The downside of Fracking, which this cartoon illustrates all so well, is that it leaves behind all kinds of waste which might be fine if you trust either the EPA, even under a Democrat, or the drillers. If you trust either of those entities, then you simply haven’t been watching current events. Here’s how the cartoonist, who is a British person so I presume that this will actually be a honest look at this, describes it.
Here's a panel: