Saturday, August 31, 2013

#philsbandnames Bourgeois Functionary #bandnames

I probably didn't steal this one from Doug Henwood. Probably.

Updated My Atheism Post #atheism

Not sure if I should update that with other than with best of links. Seems to make more sense to save longer form essays for publication elsewhere.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A must read from Salon for rethinking school fans. #education #rethinkingschools #johnholt

One of the primary reasons we have a mean spirited, limiting, often cruel and unimaginative society is that we have mean spirited, limited, often cruel and unimaginative schools to fuel it. If you haven't read all the important education critics -- John Holt, Ivan Illich, Paul Goodman, and Paulo Freire -- then this Salon article would be a good place to start.

Monday, August 26, 2013

#philsbandnames My Lesbian Wife + Our Brown Skinned Son with Fro

Still thinking about New York mayoral politics. You could also break up the one long band name and create two hip and happenin' band names such as "My Lesbian Wife" and "Our Brown Skinned Son With Fro". #bandnames

#philsbandnames Rodeo Clown Defends Political Stance

Ripped from the headlines. #bandnames

5 New Salinger books? Wow.

Read all about it at the Atlantic Wire.

#torrentfreak Comcast threatens the file sharing news site Torrentfreak. Information wars, begun they have.

Torrentfreak wins this round.

Here's why they want you stupid. They don't want you to be smart enough to use the law against them. This is why hackers show a lot interest in how the law works. So you can hack it for your own interests. Look at all the defenses that Torrentfreak was able to use here. This is a manual for modern Internet defense. They're not out of the woods yet though...

Sunday, August 25, 2013

#raydonovan Hey abused Pulp Fiction FBI guy: He starts the confession with "this is a story of fiction".

They'll claim they were just discussing the movie. He doesn't see that?

#raydonovan Even Whitey Bulger never killed his wife while in hiding...Or I don't think he did...

I mean, according to Wikipedia, always a trusted source, he cheated but never murdered them. And they were loyal to him.

Since Bulger's arrest, Cyr has publicly announced her support of him,[102] stating:[99]If he wanted to see me, I'd be happy to. If he needs help getting attorneys and what have you, I'd be happy to help him. Part of me does (still love him). I still care for him. I would always help him. I certainly always stand by him. He is the father of my child. He is 12 years of my life. I want to see him well protected . . . And I'm not particularly sympathetic to some of the people involved, some of the victims' families.
After his split from Cyr, Bulger began a relationship with Theresa Stanley, a South Boston divorcĂ©e with several children.[103] Bulger bought her an expensive house in suburban Quincy, Massachusetts, and acted as father to her children while commuting to "work" in South Boston. However, he was repeatedly unfaithful to her with a host of other women, and was often absent while overseeing the running of his organization. In a 2004 interview, Stanley stated that she is planning to publish her memoirs.[34]

Crazy Craigslist Ad Watch: Free Energy Inventor - Partner Wanted

Here's the ad. No I don't know how long it could be up. 
Free Energy Inventor - Partner wanted (Penn Hills, Pgh PA)
+-© craigslist - Map data © OpenStreetMapSaltsburg Rd at FranksTown Rd
if you have mechanical or electronic engineer aptitude, and have some time to work on a free energy invention with me, then email me back. There is no pay involved up front, but if we get something working, we can make money either recharging batteries, or selling electricity, or selling models of the invention.
see attached pics
Saltsburg Rd at FranksTown Rd (google map) (yahoo map)  
By the way, the guy who placed the free energy ad, didn't have the chops to actually place the pics. There are no "attached pics" does he mean the map? Funny thing is that this could work. If you knew how to get a solar cell up to 80 percent capacity or if you could get an OTEC to work I guess you could do something like "free energy". Or if you cracked the cold fusion formula...but that person would know how to attach pics to a Craigslist ad so kind of doubtful...

#breakingbad Hmmm did Jesse smell a rat?

Where does he go now?

#breakingbad I hope Jesse survives but I could see a bloody end.

That's what I would do as a ruthless mob boss. Its just business.

#breakingbad I confess! You done made me do all the bad things...

Makes sense. And seems plausible. Now Hank will have to work to protect Walt. Their best bet is to claim that it was an undercover plan to expose the truth. Working together: Hank and Walt. Walt and wife gets that immunity deal like that guy from "The Shield". 

Monday, August 19, 2013

#dexter I think the Charlotte Rampling character is the brain jar killer.

Her past is shadowy and her husband's demise is blurry. The reason that she sympathizes with serial killers is that she might be one. Might be kind of obvious. I don't know who else it could be at this point.

Too bad about the kid. Looks like they had a nice serial killer family going there.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

#lowwintersun Police officers done in by modern CSI forensics? They don't watch Bones or CSI either?

Comparing the water in the lungs to the water in the river? I never would have thought of that. I'd be no good at murdering people. 

#breakingbad I'm beginning to see where he can't arrest Walt. It's just too embarrassing.

#breakingbad Watching Breaking Bad and I'm reading these stories.

From the Washington Post. In case you wanted to know if its really hard to get those chemicals or whether the Mexican Mob is really that violent. I was surprised about the answer to the first surprised not surpised about the violence of the Mexican mob, as if the "The Bridge" hasn't already taught me enough.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

#philsbandnames White Dude With Lesbian Wife and Black Son With Fro #bandnames

Tribute band for NYC mayoral candidate Bill Di Blasio.

#philsbandnames I Named My Child Messiah

#nerdland Great takedown on Rand Paul's dopey assertions about the non existence of current day voter suppression efforts by the GOP.

I also hope that Joy Ann Reid gets her own show. She is a world class debater and thinker. Usually I watch the cable and I'm pretty sure I could out debate the participants in real time, like that African American fracking shill that you just had on. (I thought she got destroyed by the panel.) I have no such delusions about what would happen to me in a debate against Joy Ann Reid. That's a fight that I would duck...

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Best public art from both 3 Rivers Arts Fest and Penn Ave Fest

This took a little longer because of that episode with that annoying Chip Dupont person but I try to take some pictures at the various arts festivals and pick my own Best of Show. Afterall, who can stop me because we live in a Free Country, allegedly.

There was actually two arts festivals that were kind of happening at the same this year. There was the 10 day Three Rivers Arts Festival and also another one day arts festival held by the Penn Avenue Arts Initiative that was for only one day. I think it was a Saturday. But I actually thought the art was better at the Penn Avenue festival, which was held mostly in Garfield. The nice thing about the Penn Avenue festival is that there are about 10 or so galleries in the Garfield area. So you can still find a lot of these very talented artists. By the way, if I didn't take a picture of your work that's not meant as a putdown. Your art just wasn't my cup of tea. Unless you're Chip Dupont. In that case not taking a picture of your work meant that I thought it kinda sucked and that I could probably do better on my computer using some Photoshop Lite suite that I got off the nets somewheres.

So anyway this was the art that I liked the most. (One note: There were a few artists whose names I wasn't able to get. Please contact me and I will link your art to the appropriate website.)

This is the work of Laura Jean McLaughlin. I found her on the walking part of the galleries in Garfield. Her site is here. I would say buy her work but I'm not sure you could afford it. And here's her cat:

Her prints are even good. These weren't on display but take a look. Not unlike Picasso or Dali being really good at sculpture although they might have been who knows. Not me.

And I hate to admit it I think my second favorite artist was Deborah Dupont. And you can buy some of her work here. But not the prints I photographed. So contact the artist by using the Internets. I just liked her hip collage sensibility.

And then there was this one. And then her blowhard husband threatened me. So that's the last pic I took. And yeah I kind of liked the African American imagery.

This isn't a piece but a really nice and stylish place to sit while waiting for the bus. It also looks sturdy. All it needs is some kind of solar lit canopy. I'm hoping Emperor Peduto orders a thousand of them. The art in the background is nice too.

If you drive around Homewood or any part of the city you might have noticed some signs that say: "Stop shooting we love you." They had an exhibit at the Three Rivers Arts Festival. There's even a story in the Post Gazette about the efforts behind this. I wish her well.

The Conflict Kitchen was also at the Three Rivers Arts Festival, along with other delicious meals that I couldn't afford. You can read about the Conflict Kitchen, which was located in East Liberty for awhile and which specializes in feeding you the food of countries that we've invaded or thinking about invading. So they have a wide menu.

I'm not sure who did this but this is a fantastic artist. I love the science fictional elements.

 And I just liked this sign in Garfield. That's a cool company name.

Nice robot art but lost the card. 

I took some other pics but I'll probably post those at a later date. I published some earlier photos here and here.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

#raydonovan Well thank you for that creepy Jon Voight dancing. He sure is in good shape.

He was, what, 20 during Midnight Cowboy. So he's got to be 60 plus. Moves well.

#raydonovan I hope there's some creepy old man dancing tonight by Jon Voight. Oh yeah....

#raydonovan Is that a Whitey Bulger reference? Because they found him in real life.

I'm supposed to be doing some writing but so many good shows on Sunday nights. 

#lowwintersun I think those are the only cops in Detroit right now. About 7 or 8...

Features that great actor from the wire. Good actors.

#breakingbad Okay Jesse has to die. He's become unhinged.

And please drive by my house with that free money.

#breakingbad Walt tries to get out but they keep pulling him back in. It's an A1 day....

Also: how could he get back into the house without cutting a deal? 

There really isn't a better banking or housing analyst than David Dayen.

And if a third party really wanted to get somewheres this would be the first policy guy that I would hire.

Friday, August 09, 2013

Location of my brief bio.

I'm putting this here because it's not showing up in Google. There are some sites that just don't appear and I don't know why. Brief bio.

Mouse Bones Makes A Clarification

The woman, with the devil's horns I presume, in the picture at this post makes the point that while I linked to a page where you could directly buy her works that her home site is this:

And here's some more of her fine work.

Really interesting site about organizing against the slave labor in our supply chain.

This site, United Students Against Sweatshops,  is interesting in and of itself. It's also interesting that the Washington D. C. police thought their peaceful, almost innocuous protests, should be thwarted. (I got this from Boing Boing.)

My new scary intense photo icon for my Examiner column.

The goal is to frighten small children. I will succeed.

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Sad news: Jazz rock keyboard legend George Duke has passed away at 67.

Wow. This is just depressing. I kind of grew up on this guy's music. He was just a fantastic musician whose work is often featured at "The Acid Jazz Channel".I thought his best work was with Frank Zappa. Ruth Underwood once said that Frank had a gift of writing the best ever music for his musicians to play. I always thought that this was George's best tune it just showcases everything he could do, which was a lot. Slow bluesy riff and then it goes into the theme. Still sounds cool after all these years. Great psychedelic solos over complicated chords and time signatures. Frank said that it took two guys to replace George in the band. I can believe that.

We'll always have his great music though.