Thursday, August 07, 2008

Move On Rally for Clean Energy

Clean Energy, Not Gimmicks

Florence & Washington

504 Washington Rd. Pittsburgh, PA 15228
07 Aug, 12:00 PM
Right now, we're at a dangerous tipping point in the debate over how to solve our energy crisis.

Republicans have a simple strategy: pretend drilling will solve the energy crisis, and then attack Democrats who won't support more drilling. They think they can ride public anger about gas prices to a victory in November -- and in the process, enrich their Big Oil friends.

This week they've taken their posturing to a new a level. They're staging a sham protest on the floor of the house because Nancy Pelosi wouldn't fold to their call for off-shore drilling.

Right now, this bullying tactic is working--some Democrats have been talking about caving, and the the media's focusing on drilling, not clean energy.

We need to act urgently to get the message out that McCain and the Republicans are the Grand Oil Party, their stunts are just an attempt to score cheap points and move the Big Oil agenda, and drilling won't solve the energy crisis.

So we're going into rapid response mode: This Thursday, with the media in tow, we'll deliver hundreds of thousands of petition signatures to Republican members of Congress calling for an end to the big oil stunts, and demanding investment in a new clean energy economy.

Address: 504 Washington Rd. Pittsburgh, PA 15228 (Map)
Location: Mt. Lebanon, PA 15228
Host: Scott Manley
Status: Public, open for RSVP, 10 Guests (Max 25)