Thursday, February 09, 2006

And now for something completely different: The Get Your War On Players.

And now for something completely different: The Get Your War On Players.

Item: Well, I'm certainly very frightened about our government trying to access our Google records. I see that Yahoo and Microsoft have already turned me in, so, thanks fellas. Good thing I never used your services. I'm confident that Google will prevail and my evil NSA minders will never find this, or this or even this. Damn You NSA. my fist shaking in the air Jon Stewart stylee, Damn You.

More Old Links and Some Of My Best Friends are Jewish...

Jan. 16

Item: So, anyway, I've made the argument that the seven or eight Jewish democratic senators have essentially killed the filibuster (See Feinstein refusal to filibuster Alito). I think the argument I've made (somewhat conspiratorial but makes sense on the face of it) is that Jewish reps have traded the Democratic Party base for Israel. I might note that a lot of these same politicians are also DLC members--the calling card for sellout Democrats. I think this is why the Democratic Party doesn't act or even faintly resemble an opposition party. If this is true, then we have to rethink--and by "we" I mean people who are progressive and don't think using American troops to fight a proxy war for Israel is a good thing (especially for Israel and Jews)--participation and goals within the DNC. I find this an extremely uncomfortable argument to make and get no joy out of it. But that's what the Internets are for.
A long time ago, when it hadn't even occurred to me that being against the war was anti Israel or anti Semitic, I got some fan mail over at another blog that I used to write for called Warblogger Watch. I answered him this way:

Well, I just wanted to post this in response to Fascist Nazi Mark Konrad, who is one of the few people who at least proudly owns up to the title. I was amused by the fascist nazi's defense over at Dr. Weevil—a defense which actually made sense but more on that later--but be warned: I’m not a white European, at least not mostly. In fact, it could be stated plainly that you would find my ethnicity as appalling as that of the Jews that you hate so much. I also want to state this: As an American writer—at war with GOP Jingoists and Science Racists and Despicable Dogs—that I’m not only inspired and enlightened by the work of Allen Ginsberg, but: Joe Haldeman, Robert Silverberg, Woody Allen, Harlan Ellison, Marv Wolfman, Stan Lee, Steve Gerber, Noam Chomsky, Albert Einstein, Stephen Speilberg, Cory Doctorow, Cyril Kornbluth, Isaac Asimov, William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, Paul Auster, Robert Bloch, Jules Feiffer, David Mamet, Norman Mailer, Susan Sontag, Darren Aronofsky, J.D. Sallinger, Art Spiegelman, Don Byron, Lenny Kravitz, Stan Getz, Avishai Cohen, Bob Dylan, Eugene Levy, Winona Ryder, Buck Henry, Mort Sahl, Jerry Seinfeld and last, but not least, local Pittsburgh writer Mike Chabon. I might note, that it’s a certainty that not all of these people—the ones who are alive—may agree with what is written at American Samizdat or here, especially about Israel. But the disagreements should be based on argument, not ethnicity. Furthermore: all our lives would be the lesser without their bright, gleaming lights.Oh, by the way, Mark, assuming that you're real and not some kind of counterprop plant, I highly endorse Gene Expression for your viewing pleasure. Post often. They're your kind of people, all dressed up for the future.
Item: I also posted this defense of the film V for Vendetta, already being attacked by the usual suspects.
. First, I think movies with a political bent--be it Passion of the Christ or the newest Mike Moore movie-can sell. You just have to accept that the Mike Moore audience isn't the same as the Passion audience. From what I've seen of the V for Vendetta film it looks to be outstanding but I must admit that I'm a Mike Moore fan.Two, I think Alan has some right to complain about how his adaptations have turned out. But I sort of blame him for signing away ownership of his books to begin with! That's not something that the world's smartest writer should be doing. For the life of me, I don't know why Tom Strong, Promethea and Top Ten aren't the newest series by HBO or Showtime. He could get excellent directors like Terry Gilliam, and he must have Frank Miller's phone number somewheres. I think he's right in thinking that a 2 hour visual medium couldn't do his work right. But you give me 14 hours on HBO/Showtime, with Terry Gilliam or the Sin City crew producing, and I'll give you some great great art, period. Alan: Let me be your manager. Just once.Philip Shropshirewww.threeriversonline.comPS: If you don't like V for Vendetta, then don't watch it. I'm going to be first in line. I think terrorists are made, not born, in films and in real life, whether it's a fictional future England or Iraq...

Posting Some Old Links Involving Conspiracy and Hyperdrives

Jan 13
Here are some links at long last. Yes I’m trying to do this and negotiate a new job. Not easy. (Fun facts about my new job: the guy in the cubicle next to me plays Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh all day. Two: the 22 year old guy who’s been teaching me my new job is thinking about joining the military. (Asked him why and he tells me a lot of his friends have Served…We gotta liberate Poland I guess.. I think he said that…) Yeah, they’re both white guys. Could you guess?) (Yeah, I lost that job by the a new one though...)

Item: What good are the Democrats if they can’t filibuster Alito? If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times, literally—and I mean that—I thought the Ralph Nader runs were big mistakes but I know why he ran. Let’s review why he ran: He said that there was no major difference between the major parties. I haven’t seen one filibuster yet. Not a one. I’d like at least one. Of course, dipping into my conspiracy theory bag, what if the Jewish Democratic Senators have sold out the party in order to support the proxy war for Israel? The truth of the matter is that you can’t have a filibuster in the senate without Jewish senators. I just see the deal in the back of my mind: You want us to fight a proxy war for Israel in order to stop even the hint of hostile Mid East powers getting the bomb?—
--By the way, I don’t think that’s a minor reason. What would you do for your tribe? Would you kill 58 million Iranians and 20 million Iraqis to possibly save 3 million of your tribe…I think the math is bad but what if it’s your tribe…?--
--Well, here’s what we want: We want to overturn the New Deal and annex the oil fields and no we don’t care if that sets the stage for World War 3 or yet a very silly conflict over imaginary gods that will cost the lives of millions…One other note: I don’t think this helps Israel or creates safety for the Jewish people. (I don’t want to live like the Israelis.) And yes there are Jewish people who agree with this assessment. I just think that’s the deal and its being played out everyday. And to take us back to the Nader position there are lots of Democrats who don’t mind those outcomes.

Item: And what of Arlen? Here’s a tale of what I’m finding to be very disturbing about Pennsylvania: I think the leaders of labor in this state are pro life. (And, of course, if you buy into the argument what more important issue can there be?) That would mean, in practice, that you support the Republican Party, whether it’s Arlen or creating a situation where there are two pro life candidates vying for the office. That usually works out for the Republicans. I suppose I should hope that Atrios is right and that Arlen doesn’t want to affirm the man who would overturn Roe, but I keep thinking that deal is in place…

Item: Quick movie reviews. I enjoyed Syriana although I agree with Max Sawicky that you would need to show Israel playing some role. Glad Doc Bashir got a great movie role. I just don’t think Firefly is that interesting and the fact that the lead reminds me of a confederate guy…not so cool. I thought the South was wrong. There I said it. Perhaps it’s my cultural bias. Who knew. Need to know a little bit more about what he was fighting for…God what a heartbreaking yet brilliant movie Million Dollar Baby is. The Morgan Freeman voiceover is a guarantee of a level of excellence. Really is. Don’t let Morgan approach you with that one Yellow Glove…One thing though: I wouldn’t have chosen death. Despite that South Korean hack there will be some promising therapies at the end of this year, but I guess the point of the movie is that there are no happy decisions in this particular reality. Choose between the two bad draws…I respected her choice.

Item: I’m adding Technovelgy, Truthdig and Steve Gilliard to the links and plan a full link overhaul when I get some time.

Item: I found out about Kaki King’s sexual preference and I’m disappointed. Damn this sexual evolution…I drown my sorrows with an update over at Red Light. By the way, some of those erotic pics rise to the level of Great Art. Look at that water…

Item: My disturbing yet brilliant (really) short story, “The Science Fiction Story as Life Metaphor” will be published this weekend by the Front, imaginary God a willin’…It’s about time someone alluded to Richard Wright, Henry Miller and William Gibson in a science fiction story. I’m not sure if that someone is me but you never know…Ya never know.

Item: This story about the possible space drive is very cool. Looks like the guy might have done some good work even though he blew off his arms working for the Nazis. He lived in Germany, right? Accident happened during the 40s…He’s probably a Nazi…did his work in German and wanted Father Germany to benefit from the find (?)…But hey William Shockley did some good work…Hate the scientist love the science…

What it means, if it works, is Mars in an hour and 11 light years in 80 days. Wow. It’s more like hyperspace than a warp drive but I’ll take it. More later on this.

Old link alert: Vote Pa Still Best Site

Dec. 29

Item: Bev Harris, the woman behind the hack of Diebold in Florida, tells us some disturbing things about what's happening here in Pennsylvania. Our old friend Mike Shamos, introduced to us by Kathy Dopp, seems to be playing a helpful role in advising our Sec. of State, who I think is a democrat, on which machines to buy. Dopp informed us that Mike thinks its okay if voting machines return false results, if I understood her correctly. Bev makes the suggestion that Mike Shamos shouldn't be advising the state. I agree.

Item: VotePa is the official statewide resource for your voting paranoia needs.

Item: Bradblog roundup of all the voting news this year.