Wednesday, March 25, 2015

"Propaganda Model" #philsbandnames

"One Percenter Porn" #philsbandnames

Think I've figured this out. They're planning to pin this whole bug thing on Greg the Computer Guy. Nobody likes Computer Guys...#TheAmericans

Finally figured out what they're doing. That's the place that repairs the machine. And they planted that bug...#TheAmericans

Oh God. What is she reading now....? And she's got it bookmarked...I mean, she reads good stuff its just #TheAmericans

What a nice old lady. She has to die, of course. I'll get the suitcase ready...#TheAmericans

Uh Oh Todd sighting....He's tougher than he looks...Better get out that suitcase. #TheAmericans

You know Elizabeth would love to kill Kama Sutra Marge and put her in a suitcase. They pretend not to be jealous but they are...#TheAmericans

Well he could kill Todd. That way no traces...#TheAmericans

Sigh. Little bummed. No more South African Apartheid era spies to torture, then set on fire. @jbouie #TheAmericans

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Waiting for Zinn or Chomsky to appear on the daughter's reading list. But probably not Max Shactman. #TheAmericans

Here's a Max Shactman link. He criticized imperialist tendencies on both sides....

"Why We Can't Wait" was written by Martin Luther King about the movement. #TheAmericans

Yeah you can't rob banks but you can set a bad guy on fire. And oh yeah I've robbed lots of banks, and killed people blah blah blah #TheAmericans

Have to teach the young spy in training the value of Situational Ethics.

Bad Robot. On the other hand one day the robots won't like it when you hit them. Won't like that at all...#TheAmericans

Well Todd got a break. Probably correct...but I've never been tortured by South Africans. Where's that gas and tire again....? #TheAmericans

Yes. Give me the gun. Let's settle this...I'd feel bad about Todd though...but not much. Where's that tire and gasoline? #TheAmericans

Think we should hit that South African spy some more...I'm up and ready. #TheAmericans

Don't confess right away South African pro apartheid spies...I want to beat the truth out of you...#TheAmericans

Hey: Let's torture those South African Pro Apartheid Spies Really Really Well...With Biko or Hugh Masekela playing in the background #TheAmericans

Thursday, March 12, 2015

#TheAmericans "Great Issues in American History" Know about Hofstadter (Paranoid Style, Anti Intellectualism in American) but not the other guy.

Anti Intellectualism in American Life is highly recommended by the way. The very annoying American trait of resenting book learnin' has a historical role. Have never heard of the other guy. 

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Damn. Still didn't get the book title..."Great Africans of American History"? #TheAmericans

Well I hope the woman shot in the head was South love the moptop Beatles wig by Philip. Masterful. #TheAmericans "Love Me Do?"

Well he's not getting laid by either Kama Sutra Marge or Elizabeth...maybe that 15 year old looks less ethically depraved..#TheAmericans

I love the South African storyline because its probably true and I look forward to apartheid spies being killed and folded up into suitcases, for some reason. #TheAmericans

Can't figure out how they remember the different back stories as well as the wigs. #TheAmericans

#TheAmericans Oh my god. They found the pen bug. How soon will Marge be folded up into a suitcase....?

#TheAmericans One more thing about #Allegiance: NBC should bill itself as "Full of fear channel. Because we're owned by a defense contractor and....

...there might be a hot or cold war brewing in the Ukraine. In that completely avoidable war it should be noted that the Americans are backing the neo nazi groups....

#TheAmericans And what book was Paige reading? What kind of books do you give to young Communists?

#TheAmericans or #Allegiance? Wait I'm pretty sure its the Americans because cowardly NBC cancelled Allegiance.

Sunday, March 01, 2015

#TheGoodWife Hey Alicia you're not so bad just because you take anti gay bigot dark money or represent successful murderers. I guess...H

Hey I'm so evil I wouldn't have taken down the robocalling...Need my cat, daughters are too hard, to comfort me as I break into tears.

#TheGoodWife Wow. Ed Asner. Not too many roles left for him. Nice move by the show. He's done quality shows for decades...

#TheGoodWife #ArchiePanjabi That new show starring Pansexual Kalinda + #JasonBiggs hackers do international law by way of the Center of Constitutional Rights. CCR

You could do international law in other countries. Or Law and Order International...I'll write the treatment. I'm naive enough to think I could get hollywood jobs by way of twitter and blogger.

#TheGoodWife #ArchiePanjabi Don't have Bishop kill off the pansexual Kalinda. She could carry her own show with the Jason Biggs hackers.

#TheGoodWife Brilliant. Making fun of these talented Brit actors faking American accents. Not fair.

#TheGoodWife Like this plot meme of making fun of other kinds of shows. Here they're taking a shot at the anti Good Wife show #LawandOrder

#TheGoodWife Because some of us are mature enough to wait until 11 pm to watch #TheWalkingDead

Note to #ChrisHardwick #Nerdist : Some of us love #TheGoodWife and #TheWalkingDead It is possible.

Just testing something..