Thursday, May 16, 2013

Best New Websites I'll Be Checking Out Daily

These are sites that are doing something interesting that I should be checking out everyday.

So here's that list (not complete. About halfway done.)

African American Literature Book Club
and Black Science Fiction Society (remember to post that reviewing thing at both forums)

The Atlantic Wire (Really must reading especially if I want to read something quality.)

Daily Galaxy (Space stuff and I think space commercialization.)

Demilked (Interesting new design, architecture and art magazine, that I would like to write for.)

Discovery Blogs (Lots of good stuff even though it features my long time neo eugenicist archfoe of Gene Expression: Razib, who was always a pretty good writer so...)

Best 25 discrimination blawgs
Discrimination Blog

Guardian/Glenn Greenwald

Hacker News (High end tech news.)

Immortality Hub (High end transhumanist news.)

Keystone Politics (Good local progressive site.)

More of It (Finds sites that are similar.)


Pacific Standard (General Interest. Feels like a west coast Atlantic Monthly.)

Pennsylvania Legal Record (Statewide legal journal with an online presence or perhaps only with an online presence.)

Rethinking Schools (Rethinking schools, in the John Holt Paul Goodman Ivan Illich tradition.)

Singularity Hub (New Science)

Wired (This is becoming a must read again.)

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