Thursday, March 03, 2005

Writers Wanted. It's sort of commission based. Read more if interested...

I just started a paper called I need writers.

I need writers for one of four sections: Pittsburgh Arts, Pittsburgh Tech, Pittsburgh Progressive and possibly the Red Light District.

You will get 25 percent of the ad revenue of your section. For example, if your page generates 4000 a month in revenue, you would receive $1000 a month in payment. You are allowed to sell ads as a writer (up to a point and no I haven't determined that yet), which would give you another 25 percent of revenues.

While we don't have a lot of ads up yet--just several at this count--this model, in theory, could make for very well compensated writers. For example, once our readership grows, we would move to biweekly and weekly rates. Do the math.

I'm looking for writers who read. English majors are welcome.

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