Sunday, June 23, 2024

Last site update for Three Rivers Online and the Acid Jazz Channel (kept here for memory...)

 Acid Jazz Longplay with Viloud. Sometimes WorldTV is down dead so we're trying ViLOUD. It works all the time, so far. And works even on your phone. Over 3000 6000 vids in random rotation. This is the third company I've used in 10 years. Obviously need to develop something in houseMore legal update: This is actually more of a search engine (me plus the tech). All of these vids are available on the public youtubes (or have been publicly available) and such. Vids that are copyright violations are often taken down.  I make no money from this. Test. 8-17-20 The Viloud Channel has a habit of going down three days or more every month. This is becoming annoying. The alternatives though are either very expensive or hard to do codewise. But I'm going to pick one if Viloud doesn't become more reliable. IN the meantime, here are the newest videos I've added of the 8000.  For Shuffle play you have to go to youtube. That's what I do until Viloud comes back on, if ever. 

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