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Monday, July 14, 2014

Lying sociopath Sarah Pavao Sidders of Contemporary Services Corporation is Watching Me On LinkedIn

This dopey arrogant pretentious cunt Sarah Pavao Sidders, who lied to my face and claimed that her mediocre company Contemporary Services Corporation never told me to come to a job (when in fact they had asked me twice) is watching me on LinkedIn.

Here's the proof. You should try it sometimes Sarah you incompetent dolt. You know, basing your facts on evidence and not "Well, its an all white country club here in Fox Chapel and he's just some nigger so..." or at least that was my honest impression of what happened.

Oh and I'm watching you Sarah Pavao Sidders of Contemporary Services Corporation. I'm watching you as well....


Anonymous said...

She lives in Pittsburgh now if you want tot speak to her

Philip Shropshire said...

Well the last time I spoke to her she tried to sic a goon on me! No I feel that I've said everything that I have to say. I stand by my words and my assessment of her characater.