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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Wow. That season went fast. Should I assume Kama Sutra Marge has bit the dust now that the wig is off so to speak...? #TheAmericans

Okay so how do you put on that wig...I guess this is real spying, back then anyway. #TheAmericans

Actually, a divorce would be the best thing for Kama Sutra Marge. I hope it turns out like that...#TheAmericans

That was the cowardly thing about #Allegiance. Yes Putin a tyrant but the US isn't right about Venezuela and seems to have questionable intent in Ukraine. #TheAmericans

Actually, crazy bearded Afghan guy could say the same things about the current conflict...#TheAmericans

Elizabeth and Philip make scary "The Conversation" era CIA agents...#TheAmericans

Hmmm The evil Russians may kill or compromise an evil Afghani fundamentalist...hmmmm. That's bad? #TheAmericans

Don't get in that car Kama Sutra Marge...oops. #TheAmericans

Still think Marge is being fitted for a nice suitcase and possibly the daughter. #TheAmericans

#Justified Sigh. That was a great show that I will miss. On the other hand, you could do the show again in about 10 or 20 years.

We could see how these characters grow in 10 or 20 years, assuming that they're all alive. That would be nice. 

Sunday, April 12, 2015

#lastweektonight Those popular Japanese movies about a heroic tax collector could never get made in the US...

#lastweektonight The Bolton thing is interesting though....can he say "Fuck Up" in a lyric...I guess he can...

#lastweektonight Here's the things: American elites hate the government and they hate government regulation. So that's the news, always.

#TheGoodWife Its republicans who, other than the presidential election, are winning everywhere else. And these results aren't being audited. We just don't know if they've won legitimately..

#TheGoodWife Here's the problem: There's almost no evidence that Dems hack machines, like ever. Lots of evidence that republicans, who work to repress the vote, are cheating and have cheated, especially in 200.

#GameofThrones Another astonishing episode. What the young Cersei scene meant: You'll watch all your kids die once they become King or Queen. So far the fortune teller has been right..

#TheGoodWife Just for the record, we never fixed the machines. Unless you have paper ballots and open audits anything can happen. That's true rarely if at all..

#SNL Not a fan of the Mumfords so I just turn this music video channel to 11...

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Promo: Granny Goodness is back! And could Paige be fitted for a suitcase...better keep your yap shut...#TheAmericans

#TheAmericans More things Liz and Phil tell Paige: "I can't tell you how varied and multifaceted our sex lives are...!"

So what happens at the, seduction, murder or all of the above? #TheAmericans

I still think Kama Sutra Marge will end up in a suitcase before the season ends. #TheAmericans

Maurice is a hard ass but he's right. She has the security clearance...#TheAmericans

Was the intro in Russian? I wonder if Russians even like this show....#TheAmericans

More things Liz and Phil tell Paige: "Have you met your dad's other wife Kama Sutra Marge? I think he likes sex with her more so I hope I get to kill her when it all goes wrong..." #TheAmericans

More things Liz and Phil tell Paige: "Good Lord I've lost count of how many people we've killed. I mean, really. All for great reasons of course..." #TheAmericans

Sunday, April 05, 2015

Hidden Homewood Graffiti Art 1 #photography #streetphotography #graffiti #Homewood

I was walking home to Wilkinsburg by way of Homewood -- obviously I'm fearless -- and I ran into some hidden yet beautiful graffiti art. Someone should give this guy a show or I wish he would do more work someplace near my busway east ride.

I had my camera with me so I took some shots. There is some minor effects work on some of these.