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Sunday, April 20, 2014

#TheGoodWife The official secrets act is evil. The Manning prosecution was also evil.

I actually get what this is about as someone who has filed retaliation cases.

#TheGoodWife This advice seems sound. Snowden did tell his supervisors.

It did no good however.

#TheGoodWife These NSA stories are gold.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

#TheAmericans Last two episodes have been stunning.

#TheAmericans Did Beeman actually give them anything?

This isn't clear.

#TheAmericans And who's doing Elizabeth's hair? Again.

Not impressed with all the kung fu or safe cracking skills. Am impressed with all the hair styles.

#TheAmericans That's exactly how I felt about Reagan in the 80s.

The contras never overthrew the Sandinistas but they murdered a lot of people needlessly.

#TheAmericans Everything Philip's handler says about about us toppling democratic governments is true.

Might even be true about the Ukraine. I know its making him appreciate that nice car less and less. I feel the same way sometimes, although I would still like a nice car sometimes. Maybe an Elio.

#TheAmericans Lucia was right to be angry. But tactically that was the right call by Elizabeth.

The Oliver North character probably worked directly with the School of the Americas. That's our number one torture training, death squad indoctrination institution. 

#TheAmericans Elizabeth is always the professional. That girl was always dead.

I liked that girl too.

#TheAmericans Wouldn't mind if Beeman kills Russian James Bond. And his cheating mistress!

If a mistress can't stay loyal I mean come on...

#TheAmericans If given the choice, Elizabeth should kill the Nicaraguan spy not the asset.

If she's going by the book that is...We'll see.

#TheAmericans She's not going to like that car.

Plus, its stereotypical. That's exactly what all the cool spies drive.

Friday, April 04, 2014