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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Why Progressive Sites Censor a lot: Evil Paid Astroturfers (Astro Turf Wars)

While I have been very critical of the hypocrisy that Markos Moulitsas has shown regarding censorship, there is one valid counterargument. His site gets hit by many people that are clearly on the take and aren't there to promote the discussion in a healthy way. I think a better method would be to call out these people and openly mock them as opposed to banning them. They'll just reenter under another name anyway.

But this is what the Daily Kos'es of the world are up against.

Here's a part of a new documentary about right wing Astro Turfers. It's called Astro Turf Wars. And no I don't think he's read or watched 80 percent of the bad books and movies that he downgrades.

First this:

and this:

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