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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Complete List of Banned by Dkos Banners (Get yours soon!)

Markos Moulitsas, a man who has banned thousands of users (me included) from the Daily Kos with a system of thought crime censorship so pervasive it would frighten the ghost of George Orwell, is complaining that MSNBC has banned him. So, and I'm repeating the first line slightly because I'm trying to wrap my head around it, the man who bans people from making legitimate points that should be aired in the company of adults is now complaining that someone has banned him for making legitimate points that should be aired in the company of adults.

You know, despite being the official Pittsburgh atheism examiner, this makes me think there is a just gawd who metes out some kind of righteous Karmic justice. Who knows maybe the head of MSNBC tried to make a point at Kos and found himself with a pink slip unable to post. That can make a fella angry.

Cenk Ungar has written about the absudity of all this over at Firedoglake, where I haven't been banned and where I was so grateful for it that I sent them 10 bucks. I noticed in the comments that someone mentioned this:

"There is a “banned by Kos” merit badge."

And that reader is right. I know because there's one at the bottom of my website. I was banned because I mentioned Israel. We can't discuss that or the proxy wars that we fight for that country. Or why Israel is pushing for war with Iran. With most of our soldiers doing the dying of course. Mustn't be talked about in polite company even if it starts World War III. Such a minor thing that certainly wouldn't merit a review of all perspectives and opinions...right.

Unfortunately, that page where they kept the banners was removed from the web. Yet using the magics of "The Wayback Machine" I found those images and I'm posting all 15 of them here for our pleasure. Afterall , you may find yourself banned from Daily Kos too one day. In fact, if you have any integrity you probably will. You might as well know your brand.

The first one is "too lefty".

The second one is "mentioned armando".

Banned from Kos-Armando

The third one is "too independent".


The fourth one is, and the censorious overlord has many reasons for banishment,"insufficiently democrat".


The fifth one is "ideologically suspect".


The sixth one is "Naderite".


The seventh one is "socialist".


The eigth one is "rovian spy".


The ninth one is "agitator".


The tenth one is "free thinker".


The 11th one is "feminist".


The 12th one is the one found at the bottom of my own site.


The 13th one is "purist".


The 14th one is "concern troll".


The 15th one is, well, any reasons not already mentioned. I guess you can insert your own like "10.5 percent unemployment isn't a good thing and we should be screaming at the top of our lungs that unemployment benefits be extended."


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