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Monday, September 19, 2005

Yet More Fraudalent Election News

Item: As you may know, my fave not covered enough story has to do with the fact that the last presidential election was kind of, you know, fraudulent. That means that quite possibly, all those people who died in New Orleans might not have died had they been under even moderately competent leadership. Not to mention the Gulf War. Or competent handling of various probable hells to come such as Avian flu or mad cow sleep tight. So, here's your stolen election update and yes I'm the only publisher in Pittsburgh who talks about it, unless the City Paper does their annual 25 most censored stories edition...
Subitem: The case against the Ohio fraudsters continues apace. You know, it would be nice if the Greens and the Libertarians weren't the only parties contesting this. Isn't the Democratic Party the official "opposition" party...No?Observation: I believe the Multi Medium guy made this point:

"Election reform has the added virtue of being a political no-brainer: There is no way to oppose it without tacitly admitting that you're anti-democracy and have something to hide. If the Republicans insist that there's no need for electoral reform because the 2004 elections were completely legit, the Democrats point out that they should have no objection to reform, and why wouldn't they want to be able to prove how legit the elections are?"

You're absolutely right, Why wouldn't they? Well, there could be several reasons and none of them are good. One, they're too ashamed to admit that they've been robbed and refuse to acknowledge the possibility. Two, and here's the horror show part, they're a part of the fix. They really are the Washington Generals and they don't mind being a minority party. They're paid to lose and they're good at it. Or at least the DLC contingent doesn't want to win and that's enough in the senate to mean that the filibuster is never used. What do the Democrats have to lose by pushing for voter verification? Nothing, and yet they don' well are the Washington Generals paid?

Subitem: Ohio is fighting back and they're putting a reform effort on the ballot. This is big news. It means it will be harder for them to pull off what they did in 2004, which is allow GOP partisans to sabotage the recount...

Subitem: Proof that one disgruntled Diebold worker can hack the machines. Sleep tight...

Subitem: Speaking of hacking the Diebold machines, the best show I've heard on this issue was the August 28th edition of Politically Direct. Bev Harris is interviewed and she revealed that it takes a team of hackers about 5 minutes to hack into Diebold machines and alter results. Cost: about a couple of hundred dollars. Also: I was introduced to the idea of parallel voting. Best summary I've heard of these issues.

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