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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Around the Internets: The Fantastical EU Utopia, Speech by Chris Mooney and the Carnegie Military University


One of the best debunkers of the "Global Warming is a Myth" crowd is Chris Mooney. I highly recommend this speech if you want to understand not only the dangers of the Intelligent Design, but how the objective mainstream media approach doesn't help us very much in understanding the problem. He also does his usual excellent work on debunking the global warming debunkers here.

Local site that offers a "Carnegie Military University" factsheet. It's from a site called Organize Pittsburgh.
Alt History from a Marxist Perspective

Hey Everybody! I'm headed to Hacker High School, where all the kewl kids go! I might get laid this Same as before?
By the way I got all my news about the apparently wondrous Philadelphia Wi-fi cloud not from my local corporate media outlets, but from the excellent Daily Wireless. I like taking the bus so Rendell gets my vote probably. But his decision to cave in and only let Philly do this was a bad call. I might note that his conservative detractors would only be too happy to point out that he's a stooge for the cable companies, which was done over at Grassroots (our local Drudge like site.) The reason I don't like it is that if you help the corporate cable companies, you help Republicans. Broadband for the masses means you, in theory, replace Fox News with Air America and 2 Political Junkies. Why is a Democrat opposed to this? Did you need the monopolist cable vote that badly? More here from the Philly CIO. And where was the Pittsburgh delegation demanding their piece? This is why the Washington Generals theory of the Democratic Party makes sense--the theory that the Democratic Party is paid to roll over as the other less ruthless business party I mean, I didn't support the Nader run, but I understand why he ran...(although not the second time...)

Speaking of Air America, look up last Thursday's Morning Sedition (April 7) and catch Marc and Mark's interview with Jeremy Rifkin about his new book on the ascendant European Union. (last 15 minutes) Rifkin, while stressing that it's not a utopia, makes Europe sound like some fantastical place, just minutes away from The Shire and Earthsea, with their mandatory 6 week vacations and state funded health and child care and a government that functions to protect the public good as opposed to raping it. And in a related story: US not number one in many ways.

Sin City review done as a comic book.
Methuselah Mouse Page (not religious)
Space Race News

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