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Friday, September 10, 2004

Top 25 Censored Stories

I didn't read anything about the top 25 Censored Stories in any of the Pittsburgh major papers. (God knows I wouldn't see anything about these stories in my car crashed murderous local television media. I no longer have hope for them.)...and I guess that's the point about why Pittsburgh needs an online paper like this one. By the way, this paper isn't ready yet, but it needs to be done now and so I'm starting. What did Kirk say Evil Spock with goatee in "Mirror Universe" about what one man could do...? (I just looked it up: "In every revolution there is one man with a vision"...)

Out of the 25 the ones that struck me as the most frightful were: The Bush admininstration censorship of science, those very scary electronic voting machines and their lack of a paper trail, and the evils of Wal Mart. What was also very informative were all the cool links these stories came with.

Here's just a few I'll be checking out:

Global Issues Org: For all of you who remember that groundbreaking "Global Reach" book about the rise of the multinationals here's your companion website.

Free Press: This one is done by Robert McChesney, one of the most important corporate media critics out there, and it's a clearinghouse of ideas of why the corporate media doesn't inform us very well about pretty much anything.

The Center for Digital Democracy: I already link to this site at Three River Tech but this is still really really impressive. This is must reading if you'd like the Internet to stay at buffet prices and not charged the way you're charged for cell phone services. Were you aware that the Brand X court case might determine the future cost of broadband? Now I know...

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