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Friday, September 03, 2004

My Dream Version of the VH1's Classic Sunday Alt Show

Well here's my dream version of the Sunday Alternative...

"Drivin' Aloud (Radio Storm)" by Robyn Hitchcock
"Black Hole Sun" Soundgarden
"Downtown" Lloyd Cole

Hey, I'll throw in a script...!

"Frank Zappa isn't what you might call your traditional "alternative" artist. He has nothing to do with either grunge or 80s synth pop and if he were alive no doubt he would be making ruthless fun of both styles. But he does represent a kind of excellence and ambition, which isn't reflected in sales. And he certainly is "alternative". With that in mind, we bring you "Peaches En Regalia"."

Peaches En Regalia Frank Zappa (often played on the old Ben Sidran jazz show, which I wish BET on Jazz would pick up and rerun)
"Pretty Pink Rose" Adrian Belew and David Bowie
"Jump They Say" David Bowie
"Bull in the Heather" Sonic Youth"

"Planet" not the video but from Sugarcubes Live at Auburn University (played 3 times in its entirety on 120 Minutes)
"11 o clock tick tock" U2
"Uncontrollable Urge" from Devo Live from Urgh A Music War
"Deluxe" by Lush

Second Hour

"Be With You" Jack Rubies
"e=Mc2" by BAD
"Hallalujah Man" Love and Money

"So, last hour we warmed you up with an instrumental by Frank Zappa. There actually were many many cool videos that we have sitting around from that great Ben Sidran jazz show. They're kind of alternative, but in a completely different way. I mean, you complain that you see so and so a million times trust me you've never seen these. If you want more, tell us. Less, tell us that too. We're of the opinion that prog rock and jazz might appeal to trad alt fans but we don't know... anyway, here's Pat Metheny's "Yolanda You Learn" and after that the late Mike Hedges doin' one of the most impressive acoustic versions of "Along the Watchtower" that you'll ever see..."

"Yolanda You Learn" Pat Metheny
"Along the Watchtower" late Mike Hedges, from VH1's much missed Jazz show with Ben Sidran
Snowbound" Donald Fagen

"Song for a Future Generation" B52s
"Big Prinz" The Fall
"Avalon" Live Roxy Music at the Apollo
"Girls and Boys" Blur

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