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Monday, August 23, 2004

Inquiring Minds Want to Know...

I was talking with our Pittsburgh PR guy John and we were discussing whether ACT was solely a 527, or a Political Action Committe or both. If it's a 527, then we're barred from running advertising after Sept 1st. I think that Move On established a PAC just to sidestep that limitation. Does ACT even run ads? Could ACT, for example, fund this ad, or one of these excellent new MoveOn ads that feature Republicans who are voting for Kerry? I sure would like to see those Swift Boat ads countered.

What's the answer? The troops on the frontlines would like to know.

Philip Shropshire ran a consumer group, worked as a general assignment reporter and sold white box computers. He has written for Locus Online, American Times, Tech Central Station and more alternative weeklies than he can remember. He believes in the future. His main site is Three River Tech Review and you can reach him at

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