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Monday, August 23, 2004

Got Inspiring Left DVD Movies?

We just happen to have DVD players in our vehicles. It can often take an hour to get to turf in hilly Pittsburgh--one of the toughest places physically to canvass-- as we go out to turf. So we watch movies. A colleague of mine has a "connection"--which she won't share with me and that I resent--which supplies her with the newest and no doubt completely legal versions of just opening movies like "I Robot", "Catwoman" and "White Chicks", often replete with audible audience participation. I should mention that I'm a terribly naive person.

I was hoping that someone who reads this blog might send the Pittsburgh ACT office a no doubt equally legal version of more politically inspiring fare, such as the new Mike Moore movie. Or, if possible, someone could send a movie that I actually thought was a little better than F911:
A movie called "The Corporation". The movie actually features Mike Moore and wholeheartedly rips off his style, which is great. The world needs more funny progressive propaganda. The movie also featured two reporters that star in this book. Turns out that a Fox News affiliate values ad revenue above the public's need to know. Who knew.

In one of my columns, I ask George Soros to start a privately funded American BBC that can write about the abuses of corporate power without fear of censorship or cancellation. He's done it before and he needs to do it here. There has to be a counterpart to Fox and MSNBC in order for our message to get out. Why have the Swift Boat ads been so effective? Because it's more likely for GOP slanders and lies to be repeated over and over through the right wing talk radio/Fox News megaphone nexus. The left needs a room of its own and now. I even wrote an outline as to how you could do it. The film also features Naomi Klein who I think is the world's best spokeswoman concerning what can only be called Third World slavery conditions. It's a must see for progressives and even offers some hopeful solutions.

Any other ideas as to what movies might inspire you to canvass more passionately? Z? Missing? Man of Iron?
Supersize Me? And can you mail those perfectly legal DVD copies to the Pittsburgh ACT office?

Philip Shropshire ran a consumer group, worked as a general assignment reporter and sold white box computers. He has written for Locus Online, American Times, Tech Central Station and more alternative weeklies than he can remember. He believes in the future. His main site is Three River Tech Review and you can reach him at

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