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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Final Saved Version of World TV's Acid Jazz Channel (No Longer Works)

This channel hasn't worked in two months. I've replaced it with ViLoud. I'm saving the remnants here. Maybe it will turn back on one day. I doubt it.

Over 4000  1000 new vids (explanation) in random play. More Update: Channel is working properly when you see a picture. Takes one minute to load. Channel not working as well when you don't see a picture.Update: If the embed above isn't working, then try here. This is the New Acid Jazz Channel. I'm not sure about the future of the company behind the old Acid Channel, which you can find here. You can also catch a widescreen version here.

Current Channel Playing: I have switched to the old Acid Jazz Channel which plays just the last 1000 vids I've added. (Can also be found here, here,  here and at WorldTV). You can find the oldies at "More Acid Jazz",with over 3500 videos in random play here, and at WorldTV.  You can find both channels at this page

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