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Sunday, August 21, 2016

If you're asking what I did politically this summer: I registered over 500 voters. 90 percent black and Democratic. (Party)

I would have registered 500 more if I had continued with Fieldworks under an excellent black manager like Joel Williams (much missed) who unfortunately was replaced by the horrible white manager Zachary Reider, who while he was a Sanders supporter ran the Pittsburgh voter registration effort pretty much like Donald Trump. The worst of all managerial worlds. Insecure, incompetent and kinda dumb. What do you call a guy who fires me for being "disruptive", in front of two dozen witnesses, but not before letting me go out and work a full day? So disruptive I can go out and get 16 registrations? Can't wait for Zachary Reider to explain that in what I hope will be a painful deposition, for him. Zachary Reider: just the fucking worst. And I hold Chris Gallaway and Fieldworks a very legally binding way as they're about to find out.

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