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Thursday, December 31, 2015

#MMA Full vid. Gabi Garcia almost loses in her debut and why the UFC doesn't have a lady's heavyweight division

That was surprisingly competitive. The other lady, or Lei D Tata, put up a better fight than I thought she would. Gabi gets tagged and goes down early. But she got back up and proceeded to fight. Both ladies looked awful technically.  Still, that's the complaint against the men as well. The heavier you get the less the skill. I actually think that's why the UFC doesn't have bigger divisions for the ladies. Who would fill those positions?

Lei, a pro wrestler, fought pretty much like you would think a pro wrestler would fight. When she got tagged she went down and stayed down. I don't blame her. Plus I think it probably hurt. Quite a bit.

But it was pretty entertaining. I wish the UFC would create new lady divisions. Maybe one just for Gabi and certainly lightweight. Really, what they have to do, is take the best lady fighters -- I would look at Olympic caliber fighters like Rousey -- and expand it to Olympic level karate, boxing, wresting (or what's left of it...greco?), judo and Tae Kwan do. I'm sure you could find 10 or 20. I mean what else can you do with those skills. And that's your division. Coach em up. Their skills will develop just as we've seen the skills develop in the lady's division.

(Hey UFC: recruit reigning Olymic Taekwando Gold Medal Champ Milica Mandic.)

Or American boxing gold champion Claressa Shields.

Here's the full vid of the fight. Don't know how long this will be up. Look at Gabi's upper body compared to Big John the ref. Jeez what a freak.

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