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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Pics from Steel City Con (August 8 thru 10) and where I hit up LeVar Burton for a grant...

I actually took a picture of LeVar Burton at the Steel City con held last week from August 8th thru August 10th over in Monroeville but it was a terrible picture so I'm going with this. You might also know Mr. Burton from this:

But as I read the depressing news coming out of Ferguson, Missouri I have to admit I'm reminded of his iconic role in Roots. Wondering if times have changed all that much...

Since his fantastic success with his Reading Rainbow Kickstarter I hit em up for my modest Kickstarter like campaign to create a dedicated review of African American fiction, kinda like Shadow and Act but dedicated to Walter Mosley and Steven Barnes and other writers of color. I don't think I'll get that grant but I'll keep trying. That campaign is here.

Here are some other pics from the show. Here's a pretty plus size black girl I worked with. I took one picture and altered it in two different ways

And I tried another version that made it look more like comics. Her shirt says, from memory I think: "Wish I was Batman but I can't fight and I'm broke."

Here's a picture of the crowd:

And here's a picture of the Batmobile because I Am Fanboy.

And more from the crowd: 

A very impressive Predator. I just thought he looked better in blue.

More crowd. Probably the best pic I took. I blame the camera.

I just couldn't get this shot right. So I tried two versions.

And there's this version. 

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