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Sunday, August 03, 2014

Artist Spotlight: Katie Rideout. And not just because she has a beautiful smile.

This is kind of late but here were the artists that stood out for me at the Three Rivers Arts Festival.

I'm pretty sure that's the artist or the artist's attractive friend. Definitely better than the experience I had last year where somebody was threatening me.

Here's her website. Looks like just simple chalk and charcoal but the portraits show so much emotion. I'd buy her work if I had any extra money.

Here are some other pieces from her website.


And here's one more from the Arts Festival:

1 comment:

Katie Rideout said...

Hi Philip. This is Katie Rideout, and that is indeed me in your photographs. Thank you for this.

Please check out my website. There are things in the works including a story to be aired by Pittsburgh WQED in the fall.

I've just launched a kickstarter campaign to frame 3 of my pieces for my first gallery exhibition. Please check it out and spread the word!