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Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Milton Hershey School completely folds and gives up and admits HIV positive kid.

ITEM: The big news today is that the Milton Hershey School completely reversed itself on its not admitting that HIV positive kid to its school. They offered him a spot but the lawsuit continues although I'm not sure on what issues, probably lawyer fees. I really think that was the smart move by the school because their case made no sense at all, which I pointed out here some months ago while, admittedly, perhaps picking on a girl who used to be my friend otherwise known as Connie McNamara or as I affectionately refer to her: The Face of Terror. I'm looking for video feeds of Connie offering the about face but I see nothing so far. I think that's bad for Connie because she had to go out there and explain why killing kittens with mallets every Tuesday or so was a really really great policy for the MHS. ("For the children don't you know and we're not monsters for oh my we carefully deliberated not killing kittens in front of school students with big metal mallets but we're special in that we're very very rich and the rules of science and decency don't apply to us and don't I look maternal and comforting?"...) But now that they've done the decent thing she doesn't get a chance at Youtube redemption? 

You know I run a video of her defending their "Let's carve out new discriminatory policy against HIV positive people" on the Acid Jazz Channel because Connie has a really sexy voice and it used to hit on me. And no I wouldn't have believed that either if I hadn't lived it. But I just wasn't putting out back in college...have I mentioned these are painful memories for me.? Ah well. Back to the topic...

I would certainly run a video with Connie explaining how they totally caved and decided that this was a civil rights violation. Or did she actually support that stupid policy? I sure hope not. I figure her job was a kind of putting pearls on swine kind of thing and that's her job to spin it.  I hope so. More as this news develops.

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