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Monday, February 21, 2011

Double Sigh: Monroeville and Bethel Park Borders Are Also Toast

I just learned that it's not only the East Liberty Borders that is closing but that the Bethel Park and Monroeville stores are also biting the dust. I remember when I sold white box computers and I was trying to improve my knowledge about computers, being that I was an English major and all. So after work, for about several hours, three or four times a week, I would read every PC magazine I could find at the Monroeville Borders book store. So I could learn. And I did learn. In fact, I led the nation in sales for an entire year. And yeah even though I read a lot of mags for free I also spent hundreds of dollars at that store when I did have a buck to my name.

You couldn't do that at a library as well because the library, to this day, still doesn't carry as many magazines as does your average book superstore.

Now, of course, the Internet is the greatest library ever and I can get a pretty basic grounding on anything I want to learn. You can also buy cheaper books used from Amazon or within minutes by way of Kindle. And I don't even like Amazon. (Thanks for screwing Wikileaks corporate tool...). I mean, I respect them and use their products but I don't like them. Borders was a store that I liked.

I walked through the East Liberty book store today while running an errand and it was busy with people looking for bargains. Even at 20 percent off I could probably still get better bargains on Amazon, biggest used bookstore in the planet.

But we just can't replace that public square...Triple sigh.

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