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Thursday, September 09, 2010

You can watch the fine marijuana prohibition doc "High" free on Hulu

ITEM: I'm currently watching High, a documentary about the American war on Marijuana. I hear its number one on Hulu. Prohibition didn't work by the way. Just for the record: I don't use drugs myself. I just don't think you should get locked up for grass anymore than I think that cigarette users or drinkers should be locked up for their vices. Call me a radical. Besides, I don't need drugs. I've got the Acid Jazz channel. Related: More marijuana docs here. I highly recommend "The Union" if you can get it to load. More Related: Support Firedoglake's "Just Say Now" campaign. It might be the only good news that Progressives get this November. Too bad Barbara Boxer, a "democrat", is pro prohibition. I can sort of see that politically but sometimes you just need to do the right thing. Not that the democratic party has done that of late.

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