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Thursday, September 09, 2010

Rave reviews for new graphic works by Darwyn Cooke, Scott Morse and James Stokoe

ITEM: I highly recommend this special format edition comic, which features 60s criminal Parker. He's not a nice man. He once shot a double crossing fat dame in the back as she was running away. I might be giving away the ending but its not the story its the art. Just gorgeous to look at. Love this special format. Only 2 bucks. Highly recommended. Background from IDW publishing here. Related: I also enjoyed the first two issues of Strange Science Fantasy by phenom Scott Morse. I was more blown away, again, by the art rather than the story. The visuals are a perfect mind-meld of Eisner technique and Kirby vision. Not well written, however. Felt poetic though. Could you do an adaptation of Ribofunk or any Greg Egan short story?

ITEM: I have been blown away by the art of James Stokoe in Orc Stain. Feels like Paul Pope in that the art is mind-blowing but the writing isn't that good, or relatable. Please do something with Moore or Ellis. Characters feel more like impressionistic drug induced sketches than actual people. On the other hand, I try to buy everything that Pope does as well. Nice to see that Heavy Metal still has an influence on the Young People. This guy is drenched in the blood lines of Drulliet. Related: Here's a bit of Drulliet.

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