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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Greg Palast at the Harlem Book Fair

You know, I can't get prominent black bloggers like Oliver Willis and Steve Gilliard to take the vote theft issue seriously. (I can't even get Steve to glance at the websites.) Thank Gawd there are smart people running the Harlem Book Fair, which had a whole panel on voter integrity issues and featured Greg Palast and Steve Freeman (high level stat guy with a new book out that Steve will be ignoring.) Check out the lineup here. Greg Palast totally rocked. Above, he bitch slaps Black Republican apologist John McWhorter. I think his line is: "Martin Luther King didn't reward the lynchers!" He even makes an argument about how black organizations need to pressure Dems to count the vote. (I still think Greens are the way to go. That puts pressure on the Dems and we don't have to join the Confederacy Party.) Greg Palast: More of a legitimate black nationalist than Oliver Willis or Steve Gilliard. Shameful really.

Below, he outlines the case for how the vote theft works and how the GOP is doing it again.

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